A close-up view of a male model clutching his wrist, wearing gold JAXXON jewelry pieces including the Iced Out Mariner Bracelet.

A Complete Men's Style Guide


At JAXXON HQ, we're sporting our hoodies because the temp is coming down in Southern California. The sun is still out, so we need to throw on our sunglasses. Add a gold Cuban link chain or a bracelet stack, and our casual look fit is complete.

 It may seem like we have it all figured out, and while we’re confident in our styling skills, style is much more than just throwing on your favorite outfit. Style refers to the way you express yourself through clothing and accessories, even the way you do your hair. This men’s style guide will give you style advice that may follow current fashion trends, classic men’s fashion ideals, or be a mix of whatever you like best.

Style vs Fashion

While the terms style and fashion often get thrown around together, they mean two different things! Fashion is the dominant style during a particular time period and is influenced by culture and trends. Fashion tends to culminate from fashion houses and trickles down to smaller brands, but new fashion trends can come from anywhere and anyone! Most of us learn about fashion and trends from social media, our favorite influencers, television, and magazines. 

Style, on the other hand, is now you express yourself through your clothing, jewelry, accessories, and hairstyle and how you tie it all together for an outfit. Personal style can also refer to your aesthetic preferences. The best way to think of style is that it is personal to you! 

So as you’re reading this article, we’ll give you some style advice that will help you develop your current personal style with clothes, jewelry, and men’s fashion accessories.

Year-Round Style

Do you feel like you're stuck in a style rut? Are you still wearing the same things you've worn for years? Branch out and try new things! You can create a year-round personal style by having key pieces of clothing and accessories in your wardrobe. No matter what kind of climate you live in, you can make this work if you start with the basics. Pro tip: start slow and build up your closet.

If you're starting over from scratch, consider starting with a capsule wardrobe. This is when your clothing pieces can be mixed and matched easily by only having a limited number of dress shirt types, including pants, jackets, sneakers, and dress shoe choices. If this is your starting point, it will be much easier to build it up or add in some statement pieces along the way. When creating your capsule wardrobe, versatility is important. If you can easily mix and match, you’ll have more options. Aside from a nice dress shirt, consider adding at least one oxford shirt and a polo shirt to pair with your dress shoe and sneaker options.

Timeless Jewelry

When building your year-round wardrobe, make sure you have some timeless jewelry pieces to wear. Something is timeless when it doesn’t look dated and is always in fashion. A gold Cuban Link Chain is one of those pieces that can go with any outfit, any time of the year, and remains timeless. This style remains a fashion staple because of its classic round links that give off a smooth golden shine. Make sure you learn how to wear a gold chain properly and choose a 3mm or 5mm Cuban Link to ensure that it doesn’t overpower the rest of your ensemble. A matching bracelet or signet ring will always be a go-to menswear classic, so make sure you have those in your jewelry collection.

Conversation Pieces

At this point, you’ve got your basics, you’ve got your quality year-round wardrobe, and your classic jewelry staples to get you started. For some people, this is all that’s needed! For others, you might want some conversation pieces or trendy accessories to add to the mix.

Colorful Jewelry

Don’t be afraid to play around with color. You can start by adding a single-color or multi-colored tennis bracelet to your fit. Go one step further by sporting green or blue emerald-cut stud earrings.

If you prefer to keep the color on your clothing, you have a few options. Gold and silver jewelry can be worn any time of the year, but both precious metals are better suited to be worn with certain color clothing.

Gold jewelry goes well with most clothes but looks exceptionally stylish with jewel-tone shirts like red and green. A single gold chain can also take your simple white tee to the next level—especially if you want to have a capsule wardrobe.

Sterling silver chains look stunning against a plain black t-shirt or white sweater. If you choose to wear silver with your winter whites, go for something bolder like a 7mm Cuban Link Chain, or add an onyx pendant with a thin rope chain.

Iced-Out Jewelry

Another way to take your outfit to the next level is with something that stands out. Iced-out chains and bracelets are the perfect pieces to dial up your look. Studded jewelry can be elegant or playful, depending on what you pair it with. No need to worry about looking flashy or tacky with these simple tips.

  • Do choose gold or silver to match your outfit
  • Do pair an iced-out accessory with a similar iced-out piece or a plain gold or silver chain to add dimension and texture
  • Don’t overdo it. Stick with pieces that match and don’t take away from the entire outfit
  • Don’t wear pieces that will wear you down. When in doubt, go for a thinner piece or stick with just one, like an eternity ring.

Quality Over Quantity

We truly believe that quality is always more important than quantity. We know fast fashion is no friend to the environment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get quality clothes and accessories for an affordable price. Quality products not only last longer, but they’re often more comfortable and easier to maintain. At JAXXON, we design jewelry with quality in mind and only use premium materials, including 14k gold to sterling silver. Learn more about gold-bonded jewelry in our journal article. 

Confidence is Key

The best thing you can wear is confidence. JAXXON was founded by an ambitious group of go-getters who strive to develop and showcase the best version of themselves and inspire others to do the same, and we live by that every day in our work and our style. Wear what makes you feel good and know that fashion men’s fashion trends come and go, but your own style is unique to you, so rock it with confidence. Our jewelry and fashion experts will always bring you the most current and noteworthy style tips and trends so you can have the best jewelry and fits for every occasion.