Robert Neal holding a blue metallic leather jacket in a black tank top wearing the JAXXON Silver Classic Stud Earrings, multiple JAXXON silver chains, silver rings, and silver bracelets against a metallic silver backdrop.

Stylish Men's Festival Outfit Ideas


Many argue that festival season is the best time of the year, and we agree. While purchasing a ticket for a festival is the first step, the second step in festival planning is choosing what to wear. With the right accessories, stylish festival fashionis simple and guaranteed to help you stand out. Let's take a look at some of the most tried and true men's festival outfits and how to recreate these looks using the pieces in your closet.

The Golden Rule of Music Festival Clothing

The type of music festival you attend will usually set the tone for your festival style. That said, clean, fashionable, and simple outfits will make you look like a celebrity, no matter the festival. In addition to keeping things simple, one golden rule when choosing festival clothing is to keep it comfortable.

Festivals are a place to have fun, be yourself, and dance your heart out, so you don't want anything dragging you down, especially your outfit. Choose clothing in which you look great and feel comfortable, and you're headed for festival success.

A Lightweight Shirt

Most festivals happen during the summer, with high temperatures and a lot of sun. Wearing a lightweight top is the best way to ensure that you and your outfit stay cool in the heat. Flowy tops, lightweight button-ups, and thin tees are the ideal festival shirts and can be dressed up or down depending on the other pieces in your outfit.

Wear bold colors and a statement piece like our Hanging Cross Stud Earring for a stand-out look. Or, choose to elevate a solid white or black colored shirt by pairing it with our Multicolor Emerald-Cut Tennis Bracelet.


Pastels are coming back this year, and we're here for it. They offer the perfect color palette for any festival or rave and are a bright, fun way to show off your personality. Dress head to toe in pastels or show off a pastel accessory like our Midnight Bracelet Stack.

Pastel Wearing Tips

Have your heart set on pastels? Here are a few tips to ensure that your festival fashion stands out.

Keep it Minimal

For a clean, minimalist look, combine pastel colors with neutral ones like black, gray, and white.

Mix Pastels Together

Combine 2, 3, or even 4 pastel colors in one outfit by following the principle of color blocking. Use pieces with clean straight lines and avoid strange cuts and designs.


Select one pastel shade to create your entire look. Then elevate the outfit by adding rings, athlete chains, and earrings to attract attention. Not sure which necklace length suits you best? Check out this necklace size guide to determine the perfect chain length.

Festival Jackets

Adding a jacket to your ensemble is an excellent way to level up your festival style. Whether you want to make a statement or are worried about the weather, there are several ways to wear a jacket to a festival or rave. When choosing a festival jacket, here are some styles to consider.

  • Denim Jackets
  • Lightweight Jackets
  • Utility Vests
  • Windbreakers

The ideal festival jacket is lightweight, fashionable, and offers protection against rain and wind—it's also trendy. Animal print, bold colors, printed denim, and buckle vests are just a few styles that elevate your festival season outfit.


Denim is a staple festival outfit piece and is one of the Y2k men's fashion trends of 2023. There are many ways to wear them. From dark jeans to light-washed and ripped, you can pair any of the above pieces with denim to create a casual or formal look. Denim is a favorite of many festival goers as it protects your legs from various outdoor factors ranging from bugs to mud. Denim is also an essential piece if you are wanting to create party outfits for men.


Trousers are a comfortable way to add a trendy vibe to a festival ensemble. Pair solid neutral trousers with a graphic tee, or keep the top of your outfit mellow and wear printed pants to flex your fun style. Colorful trousers also look great when paired with a black tee, sunglasses, and a statement piece like our Turquoise Beverly Pendant.


There's one time when the phrase less is more doesn't apply, and that's when you're layering jewelry. If you'd like to keep your outfit simple and make a statement via accessories instead, layering men’s chains is the easiest way. Learn how to combine your favorite accessories with this men’s style guide on how to layer chains and necklaces. 

The festival you're attending, and your style will largely account for your chosen outfit. From pastels to neutrals, there are several ways that you can create men's festival outfits to ensure that you stand out amongst the crowd. Continue to follow our JAXXON Journal for more style tips and expert guides.