A close-up view of JAXXON's gold Iced Out Cuban 5mm Chain on Kade Ruotolo.

5 Chains That Every Athlete Is Wearing Right Now


If you get your fashion inspiration from your favorite professional athlete, you know that they’re always wearing athlete chains. It doesn’t matter if they’re at a press conference, walking down the red carpet, playing a game, or showing off their street style—these men’s chains are always ready for prime time.

Athletes wear their favorite gold chain for the same reason most of us do; for confidence, style, faith, or to bring them luck. Baseball players can wear them during their game, while others proudly display them as they walk in and out of the locker room.

Let’s take a look at 5 athlete chains that every professional athlete is wearing right now and find out how to wear a gold chain like a star.

Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban Link Chain is one of the most popular chain designs, and it’s no wonder that professional athletes love it. Athletes in the NFL, MLB, and NBA are rocking gold Cuban chains at every event. This classic chain design has rounded links for a smooth and shiny piece that adds a touch of luxury and is perfect for any occasion.

We love to see Odell Beckham Jr., aka OBJ, sporting our 8mm Cuban Link Chain. OBJ knows fashion and loves to style his outfits with chains and bracelets. But his well-known style wouldn't be complete without a hanging cross stud earring.

If you want to wear a chain that will have you winning the game, follow Major League Baseball player Cody Bellinger. He knows that you can’t go wrong with a 5mm Cuban Link Chain. It’s our #1 best-selling chain for a reason. This Italian-made piece comes in 14k yellow gold, white gold, and 925 sterling silver to fit your taste and budget.

Of course, we can’t talk about athletes and Cuban chains without mentioning the king, Lebron James. Lebron often wears this classic chain style but dials it up with some added bling and personalization. Engraving your jewelry is an easy way to create your own custom piece. But if you want the best of both worlds, look no further than a classic piece that not only Lebron is wearing. Let’s move on to that next.

Iced-Out Cuban Link Chain

When you want to add diamonds, the pinnacle of luxury, to a chain, the Iced Out Cuban Link Chain is the way to go. This style is a fan favorite, and it would take forever to name every athlete sporting this dazzling chain. Professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler often hits the skatepark with this show-stopping piece. This versatile men’s chain can elevate a plain tee shirt or be the centerpiece of your suited fit—the ultimate day-to-night men’s fashion accessory.

Tennis Chain

The tennis chain was an iconic accessory for over a century before it was coined in the 80s as a low-key luxury sidekick worn on and off the court. This men’s chain necklace is versatile and an essential piece for many athletes. Lebron James has been seen wearing stacks of tennis chains, taking this simple string of diamonds to another level.

Brazilian professional soccer player Neymar Jr. knows a tennis chain can be worn with both streetwear and front row at Paris Fashion Week. Add a little more bling like Neymar with a pair of classic stud earrings or studded huggie earrings.

Only the tennis chain can be both classic and retro—it’s all about how you style it.

Pearl Chain Necklace

You know we couldn’t forget about this chain that has become the topic of many fashion and jewelry conversations. The pearl necklace is no longer something you only see on your grandmother or buttoned-up socialites. This sophisticated gemstone necklace is the unexpected piece men are wearing this year. 

The professional athlete most notably wearing this look is MLB star, Joc Pederson. This world series-winning athlete isn’t clutching his pearls at shocked viewers; he’s showing off the style that men can most definitely rock on and off the field. Follow his lead by wearing the Pearl Rondelle Necklace or combining pearls with some sleek chain links on the Cuban Link Pearl Necklace.

Pendant Chain Necklace

Chains are the starting point for your jewelry look. You can layer them, add a pendant, or take it a step further and layer them with a pendant to create your own chain stack. Many professional athletes and Major League Baseball players, like Justin Verlander, have been seen wearing chains with pendants. Verlander was spotted sporting a gold pendant hanging from a sleek cable chain on the 2022 All-Star Game red carpet. This simple yet stunning combo is a style homerun.

For a look you're going to want to recreate, take a lesson from Julian Araujo of the LA Galaxy. He loves stacking his religious pendant necklace with our Iced Out Cuban Link Chain for an elevated layered look that adds a lot of detail to an outfit.

If you’re worried about finding the perfect chain and pendant to wear while you work out or play sports, go for something lightweight. Professional skateboarder Ivan Monteiro frequently wears thinner chains like our 3mm Cuban Link Chain and 2mm Rope Chain with the Beverly Pendant. All of these jewelry pieces pair luxury with durability, so you can feel confident rocking your chains at the skatepark too.

The Jewelry Game

Men’s jewelry is the talk of menswear and becoming more mainstream. We are noticing the amazing chains athletes have been wearing because athletes can show off fashion in ways models can’t, and allows a lot of guys to consume fashion in a relatable way. A lot of sports fans may not follow fashion houses or major trends, but when the players from their favorite teams walk out in their best, these men’s fashion trends are clear. 

Some older generations might not understand the style choices professional athletes are making these days, but they’re getting used to it because it’s pretty hard to ignore! Whether it’s tucked away or fully on display, chains aren’t going anywhere. And as Joc Pederson and his string of pearls have shown us, any style goes. So wear what you like and what makes you feel confident, like these larger-than-life superstars who love chains as much as us.