Picture of How to Wear a Gold Chain: Outfit Ideas

How to Wear a Gold Chain: Outfit Ideas


Gold chain necklaces are an everyday essential. From a thin gold chain to a chunky gold chain to the classic box chain designs, there are many styles of gold jewelry to choose from. If you just got a gold chain or already have one and want some styling tips, we’re here to help you.

No need to overthink it. In this men’s style guide, we’ll show you how to make your gold chain your staple piece.

Single Gold Chain

Wearing a single gold chain necklace might be one of the easiest ways to elevate your look. You can wear a plain black tee and jeans and still look better by throwing on a gold chain necklace. Does it matter which chain you choose to wear? Definitely not. Whether your chain is a simple thin rope chain or a bold 8mm Cuban chain, we can help you style it.

If you’re going to wear just one chain at a time, you can choose a more effortless look by going for a thinner chain. Something between 3-6mm will look great on its own and not be too thin to the point where it’s unnoticeable. Those are better for layering, which we’ll talk more about later in this article.

You can choose the bold route and go for an absolute showstopper like a 10mm Iced Out Cuban Link Chain. At 20”, this chain is more of a choker and is best styled as a solo chain. If you want to dial it down just a bit, opt for a 7mm Cuban chain. This shines all by itself.

The best chain to have in your collection is the 5mm Cuban Link Chain. Not only does this gold chain necklace look good on its own, but it’s also the chain to pair with all other chains. We recommend 22” for this chain, but you should measure to see what works best for you, and we don’t blame you if you want this style in more than one length. GQ and Forbes agree this is the best men’s chain on the market.


Take the single-chain look to another level by adding a pendant. Something as simple as a classic cross or modern dog tag can add dimension to your look and draw the eye in.

Stacked Gold Chains

Level up your chain game by creating a stack. We’ll teach you how to layer necklaces. You can layer any two chains you want and keep layering from there. We have some styles we like to stack, but we’ll teach you how to choose any gold chain design you want for a layered look.

The key to layering two gold chains is choosing chains of two different lengths and thickness. Take a look at our favorite chain stack with Cuban Link and Franco chains. The thinner chain is longer by 2 inches, and the shorter chain has double the thickness. This creates dimension and shows off the style of each chain on its own and their complementary styles when paired together.

Both single chains and chain stacks are perfect for your everyday casual outfit and everything in between.

Let’s Get to Work

Work attire is nothing like it used to be. We live in a world where we perfected the work-from-home outfit. These days, athleisure can be dressing up. So how can you add some of your gold chain necklaces to your work wardrobe? 

If you’re still working remotely, your upper body is what’s on display for every Zoom call, so it’s a good idea to dress up your neck! You might want to go for a casual or classic look. Choose something understated, like a slim 3mm Cuban link chain or Figaro chain. You can always tuck it under your shirt if you want it to be just a pop of gold.

Some of us have no set dress code or uniform and switch between comfy athletic wear and our trendiest fit. A slim silver pendant hanging from an even slimmer sterling silver rope chain is a versatile style that goes with all outfits. 

And finally, if you’re a finance bro and can’t bear the thought of parting ways with your gingham shirt and zip-up vest, that’s ok. Maybe think about wearing a gold bracelet instead to show off a little gold.

Date Night Style

The styling dilemma that brings a lot of pressure. We’ll suggest some different outfits to pair with your chain, but if the date doesn’t go well, that’s not on us. Your outfit will be perfect, though.

When you’re on a date, you want to look good but not have your clothes and gold jewelry be the only thing to talk about. So to let your personality shine through, wear something comfortable but sophisticated. Wear a nice sweater, some jeans or black pants, and your favorite shoes—whether those are converse or a pair of leather Chelsea boots. Next, put on a gold chain design that even GQ loves. Yes, we’re talking about the classic 5mm Cuban gold necklace. We’ve tested this look and know your date will love your fit.

If this happens to be a fancier date, or maybe you’re hoping to impress a girl on a night out, wear something that will make you stand out and start a conversation. I know we said to let your personality shine through earlier, but you’re in a sea of potential suitors, so you may need something to get her attention. Serve looks with a classy tennis chain, or opt for an understated rope chain with a studded pendant dangling from it. Finish this look off by wearing a gold ring or bracelet so you can keep her thinking about wanting to hold your hand. Game. Set. Match.

Find the Perfect Chain

Now that you have some ideas on how to style your gold chain make sure you take care of it by keeping it clean and storing it properly. If you still haven’t purchased your first chain, take our chain quiz and get started!