Picture of Necklace Size Guide: Determining the Perfect Men's Chain Length

Necklace Size Guide: Determining the Perfect Men's Chain Length


Chains and necklaces are having a big men’s fashion trend moment now. Whether you’re new to men’s accessories or you’ve been accessorizing for years, chains are the easiest way to add a touch of luxury to your fit. With everything in life, there is no one chain size or style that fits all. Read on for a necklace size charto learn more about picking the perfect necklace length for you.

Men’s Chain Size Guide

When looking for the right chain length or size, many factors are at play. You might choose a different length based on the style or width of the chain. If you plan on wearing a pendant, you’re going to want to consider a longer and thinner chain. And your own size matters! You want to be comfortable and wear the right necklace chain that flatters your body.

Use this necklace size guide to find your desired length and style:

Chain Lengths

There are different necklace lengths that can vary based on a few factors such as the type of necklace and whether it's a men's or women's style. Generally, necklaces for men range between 20 and 26 inches long, while women’s chain necklaces are typically in the 16 to 18-inch range.

Chain Widths

In terms of width, most men’s chain necklaces are in the range of 2mm to 7mm, while super-thick chains can get up to the 10mm mark. Chain size is all about preference and style. Some designs like the Franco chain look sharper with thinner gauges, while the classic Cuban Link or Figaro chain stands out the thicker it gets.

How to Measure Your Chain

Before buying a chain, you want to make sure you choose the perfect necklace length. A really easy way to figure this out is with your neck size. Have you ever worn a suit or tux? If yes, then you'll know you have a shirt collar size, and this corresponds to your neck size in inches. If you don't know your size, grab a soft measuring tape or a ribbon and a ruler. All you have to do is wrap the measuring tape or ribbon around the base of your neck (not too tight) and mark the spot where the ends meet. If you're using a ribbon, lay it against a ruler or stiff measuring tape and see how many inches your neck is. 

You’re probably wondering, “Unless I am buying a choker necklace, what do I do with this number?” Use that number and add 2 inches. That’s the shortest chain length you should wear, and that’s the starting point in finding the right necklace length. Just remember, it differs for every guy. If you have a bigger chest or longer torso, you may need to choose a longer chain length for it to sit properly.

Styling Your Chain

Let’s get to the good part. You now know your neck size and desired length, and you’re ready to choose a chain necklace. Men’s chains are so versatile that you can wear a Cuban Link Chain with a suit, plain black tee, or with a tank while you’re at the gym. Follow along whether you want to know how to wear a gold chain pendant or how to layer multiple necklaces.

Pendant Necklace

From religious charms like the popular St. Michael Pendant, to our versatile number pendants,chain pendants are a great add-on to any chain and a great way to switch up your look. We recommend choosing a longer length of 22-inch or 24-inch chain so the pendant hits at the center of your chest or just above. You should also choose a thinner chain to have the proper proportions so that the pendant fits smoothly over the clasp. 


We’re big fans of layering, and here’s where buying chains in different lengths pays off. If you’re wondering how to layer necklaces, you can create the perfect chain stack by layering two chains of different lengths. We think a 22-inch and 24-inch chain stacked creates the perfect next-level fit.

Individual Style

You don't have to get it right the first time. You can always try different lengths and designs to see what fits your style best. You’ll realize that experimenting with different chains is part of the fun!

Keeping up with jewelry maintenance and cleaning is important for all of our men’s chains. Properly knowing how to clean a solid gold chain can help keep it looking new. At JAXXON, our resource center can help you with all of your chain and jewelry questions, from explaining and comparing the different types of necklaces, such as our Cuban link chain and our variety of rope chains, to figuring out what ring size is best for you with our ring size guide. Let us be there to assist you with all of your jewelry needs.