Kalyl Silva rolling up his sleeve, wearing the white JAXXON Sunday Hat, black crewneck, and the gold Cuban Link + Rope Chain Stack.

Types of Necklaces Every Adult Should Have


When it comes to jewelry, personal expression is truly the only rule.

Sure, there are style guidelines, dos and don’ts, and fashion influencers who offer inspiration, but at the end of the day, it’s all about your look and wearing what makes you feel best.

With that said, we think there are a few necklaces that every adult should have in their collection. No pressure, but these necklaces are just too good to ignore.

Let’s get to the list.

Greatest Hits

We kick things off with three necklaces for your collection. Oldies but goodies!

Round Box Chain

The name may sound like a paradox, but take a quick glance at the round box chain necklace to see why this timeless style continues to reign supreme in modern jewelry.

They call this the “signature chain” for a reason... It's versatile, clean, and undeniably cool.If there’s a perfect starter chain for yourself or a loved one, you’ve got it right here with the round box chain. Just take your pick between a gold chain or silver chain.

Rope Chain

The most impressive necklaces blend the organic with the synthetic, and that’s what you get with the bold, interwoven design of the rope chain.

Why is this necklace a must-have? It holds its own as a standalone piece but has plenty of versatility to play with other styles of jewelry in your collection.

Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain may be an unexpected entry on our list, but that’s exactly why you need one in your collection. Keep them guessing with fresh styles and stand out from the crowd.

With a Figaro, you can mix things up without going overboard or ostentatious. This design has just enough flair to make your point while keeping your outfit looking clean and cohesive.

The Figaro chain may have origins in the 18th century (you’ve definitely heard the Mozart piece), but it has earned its place in the halls of jewelry history.

Modern Twists

These 21st-century styles are non-negotiable if you’ve got an eye for style.

Greek Chain

This ornamental design is not overly busy, adding a dash of Mediterranean flavor to your outfit and more than enough shine to match.

From afar, the Greek chain appears normal enough until you zoom in to see the unique interwoven design that sets it apart from the other necklaces in your collection.

Wear it once, and we’re sure it will become a staple soon enough.

Wheat Chain

Resembling long stalks of golden wheat, this chain far exceeds its source of agricultural inspiration.

Also known as a Spiga design, this modern wheat chain style is more angular, intricate, and elegant in every respect. At a length of 24 inches, it drapes perfectly onto the chest and ties any casual outfit together.

Cuban Links

A list of must-have necklaces would not be complete without a nod to the style that transcends time and tradition — bold Cuban links of silver or gold.

These necklaces have a legacy that can’t be denied, appearing in nearly every hip-hop music video and album cover since the mid-1980s. Beyond that, Cuban links have been featured in famous movies, worn by athletes, and have made an impression on culture at large.

Need we say more? You need a Cuban link necklace in your collection, and thankfully, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from in terms of material, length, and thickness.

Pristine Pendants

The perfect pendant is a finishing touch for your outfit that just needs a little extra.

Here are our top pendant picks:

Universal Designs

Some pendants just look good on everyone and have a mass appeal that transcends boundaries.That’s the whole point of the Beverly pendant necklace: it’s your new go-to!

Add one of these pendants to your roster, and you’ll never be without a solid option when getting dressed up.

Clean Geometrics

Who would have thought that hexagons could look so cool? When they’re made of gold or silver and attached to a bold cable chain, you can see why the Helix pendant necklace is such a hit.

Show of Faith

Cross pendants are key for anyone who values faith as a way of life. As an added bonus, they’re stylish and look great with outfits of all kinds!

Even if you aren’t a church-goer, there’s a cool cross for you to wear.

Switch Up Styles

Once you’ve got a solid collection of classics and contemporary favorites, you can start branching out into variations and styling strategies.


The length of your necklace is a big part of the equation for your personal style.

For men, you’ll find that most modern chains are around 22” in length, while women have a wider range of short collar and choker necklaces to choose from.

The longer the necklace, the more of a centerpiece it will be for your outfit, so think about the complete look you’re going for when making your selection.


You make a statement with every aspect of your necklace, including thickness.

The perfect level of thickness, matched with the right length and style, means you’re right in the sweet spot for style!

When chains are too thin, they may be overlooked, while a too-thick chain can overpower your outfit.

The most popular thickness for men’s necklaces is between 2mm and 3mm for most styles, but when you get into Cuban link territory, that average increases to the 5mm and 6mm range.

Stack ‘Em Up

Instantly level up your look by stacking chains of different styles, lengths, and thicknesses.

Just make sure they’re roughly the same color to prevent clashing.

Must-Have Necklaces for Your Collection

There you have it: plenty of incredible necklaces to put on your personal wish list!

With the suggestions and style tips from JAXXON, you’ll always have something fresh to wear when you work, play, or just live life large.


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