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How to Clean a Gold Bonded Chain

How-To Guide

When looking for a gold chain, the first thing that may have caught your eye is the shine. That brilliant shine that you want to last forever takes a little love and care. Whether you wear your chain 24/7 or just for special occasions, you’ll want to keep your chain looking new, so you have to know how to care for it. 

Instead of having you search all over the internet on how to clean a gold chain, we’ll give you all the answers you need right here. At JAXXON, we know jewelry, and we know best how to keep our chains looking good every day.

What is Gold Bonded Jewelry?

Before we answer the question, “how to clean a gold chain,” you probably should know more about gold bonded jewelry and how to clean it versus cleaning solid gold. Gold bonded is a term similar to gold vermeil. The process involves bonding a thick layer of yellow gold over a base of 925 sterling silver compared to plating, which is a much thinner layer of gold flash plated over a different alloy base. Both processes can create stunning jewelry at affordable prices, and one method may be better suited to a particular style than another. At JAXXON, we want to show off the design and shine of the clean gold chain, so we use 14k gold over 925 sterling silver for jewelry that looks luxurious for everyday wear. For more information, read our post detailing the difference between 10k vs 14k gold.

Routine Jewelry Care

There are some simple things you can do every day or after each wear to keep your gold chain looking good in between deep cleanings. And since we all love time-saving tips, we promise these are easy to follow and take very little time.

Polish your chain with a soft, polishing cloth or micro-fiber cloth (like the one you use on your sunglasses) often or after each wear if you can. This will keep your chain looking shiny and remove any daily buildup. When that cloth starts to look grimy, make sure to get a new one.

Keep your chain in a drawer or jewelry case to keep it away from dust. You’d be surprised how quickly jewelry can turn bad sitting on top of your dresser. You also shouldn’t keep your gold jewelry piece sitting in your bathroom. The steam can damage your chain over time. You wouldn’t want your gold rope chain or Cuban link chain losing its gleam from a little steam.

Using a Jewelry Cleaning Kit 

There are a ton of jewelry cleaning products on the market, and while they make it easy to clean gold jewelry, you want to make sure you’re getting the right one for the type of necklace you have. Our jewelry cleaning kit comes with all the right tools and a spray safe for your gold bonded chain. While the steps are similar to the DIY method, this might save you some time and is easy when on the go.

  • Spray your chain generously with the cleaning solution.

  • If needed, use the jewelry brush to get in between the links and around the clasp.

  • Wipe the chain down with the polishing cloth.

Make sure the chain is dry before putting away or wearing it!

DIY Step by Step

Here are some easy tips for cleaning gold jewelry at home:

  • You’ll need basic dish soap (like Dawn) and lukewarm water.

  • Put a little soap on a wet soft cloth and wipe down your chain. Make sure you get between the links.

  • Rinse the chain off with lukewarm water or use a wet, soap-free cloth to remove any soap from the chain.

  • Dry off your chain completely, and you’re done!

Things to Keep Away From Your Chain

We take pride in the premium materials we use for our gold chains, but there are things that can harm the jewelry. Here are some things to avoid. 

  • Harsh chemicals: do not spray colognes or perfumes directly on your chain. Lotions and body washes can also damage the gold piece unless it is solid gold, so we recommend keeping those away from your jewelry. 

  • While you can wear our chains in the pool and ocean, you’ll want to clean them off after. We all know every pool has different amounts of chlorine, and the more chlorine, the harsher it is on your gold necklace. The same goes for salt water! 

If you follow these jewelry cleaning instructions and tips, you can keep your gold chain looking amazing for years to come. Remember, frequent polishing will prevent how often you need to deep clean your chain. And when that time comes, follow our easy steps!

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