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How to Fix a Broken Necklace or Chain

How-To Guide

Necklaces and chains are a way to show off your individuality and style. So when your favorite necklace breaks, it can be very upsetting. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix a broken necklace or chain, and we've created a list of them all. Keep scrolling and find out how to fix a necklace or chain with soldering.

Chain Soldering

The most common way to fix a broken chain is via chain soldering. The process involves using a soldering iron to mend the breaks. A solder is a metal alloy with a low melting point, making it easy to fuse to the chain. When linked together, the solder holds the two separate pieces of broken chain together without affecting the rest of the metal. This allows you to repair a chain without further damaging it. Once the chain has been soldered, a color touch-up may need to be reapplied to the location of the jewelry repair.

How to Repair Different Types of Chains

There are many different types of necklaces and chains. Here's a quick guide to repairing each.

Herringbone Chain Repair

Herringbone chains are among the most popular types of chains. Aside from being flattering, you can seamlessly integrate them into any look or style. That said, the unique look of herringbone chains often leads people to believe they cannot be repaired. However, like most other chains, jewelers can fix this broken necklace chain via soldering. With the right amount of heat, the seamless appearance of a herringbone chain is quick to repair, resulting in a chain that looks brand new.

Box Chain Repair

Popular in men's jewelry, box chains feature square-shaped links. The shape of these links means that a quality box chain will be sturdy, resistant, and less likely to break. Additionally, the unique links of a box chain don't always require soldering. Instead, depending on the necklace repair needed, the chain may be fixed with a quick pinch of pliers.

Curb Chain Repair

Curb chains offer a bold look that's often associated with modern, street-style fashion. Curb chain links have been flattened and twisted to interlock tightly and form a chain. Curb chains range from very fine (1mm) to extremely chunky variations. The sturdy nature of curb chains makes it rare for them to break. When they break, a link is added to replace the broken one.

Rope Chain Repair

Rope chains feature a woven appearance of intertwined links to form a twisted, rope-like chain. Because this design is so intricate, it's typically worn in larger sizes than other chain types making its design the center of attention. A rope chain's detailed look leaves many people wondering if it can be fixed. Fortunately, a rope chain can be soldered! However, it does require a bit more work due to the complexity of the links. To ensure that the broken pieces of the necklace are fully restored, the jeweler will need to weave the links back together before soldering.

Cable/Link Chain Repair

The cable/link chain is the most straightforward type of chain made from round or oval links. It is also the easiest to repair. Instead of soldering, this broken necklace chain can usually be fixed with a pair of needle nose pliers.

Herringbone Chain - 3mm - Image 1/2
Herringbone Chain - 3mm - Image 2/2
Herringbone Chain - 3mm#1 Women's Chain

How Quality Affects the Repair Process

It goes without saying that a necklace of quality will last longer. However, quality necklaces are also much easier to repair.

When shopping for a necklace or chain, look for 14k gold or sterling silver. A 14k gold necklace is much more durable and resilient against normal wear and tear than 18k or 24k gold. Sterling silver also offers brilliant shine and durability to create pieces perfect for everyday wear. Once you have picked out your perfect piece, check out our guides on how to care for your gold chain and also how to care for your silver chain to make sure it lasts. 

Taking care of your men’s fashion accessories also plays a large role in how long they last. To properly care for your chains, rings, and earrings, keep them in a travel case and clean them often with an at-home cleaning kit.

For accessories to last a lifetime, check out our collections at JAXXON. When you shop JAXXON, you get the high-end, old-world quality craftsmanship of classically-trained Italian jewelers—without the high markups.

Now that you know that necklaces and athlete chains can be fixed, it's time to add a few more pieces to your collection. If you purchased a chain recently, take our chain quiz and find a chain or jewelry piece that suits your style.

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