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How to Keep Necklaces and Chains from Tangling

How-To Guide

Whether you’re a maximalist or minimalist, we can help you keep your jewelry organized and free of tangles at home and on the go.

Men’s chains with metal links are notorious for getting tangled or kinked. I’ve lost multiple necklaces because they got knotted so badly that they became a lost cause. We don’t want you to end up in this situation! So, before you check out different ways how to layer necklaces or how to wear a gold chain, here is a guide on how to keep necklaces from tangling.

Storage: The Jewelry Box

The number one thing you need as you build your jewelry collection is a jewelry box or jewelry organizer. This can be a classic wood and leather box with different compartments or a modern marble box that doubles as a decor piece. Better yet, get one that doubles as a travel jewelry case. We’ll expand on our tips for storing your jewelry during vacations in a bit.

If you don’t have space for a jewelry box, you can store your jewelry in a drawer. Add some containers or inserts with compartments to keep your smaller items like rings, pendants, and earrings separate from your chains and bracelets.  

The most important thing about these storage options is that they keep your pieces separate and away from moisture and dust. Do what works best for you.

Travel Tangle-free

When you’re packing for a vacation or going on a quick business trip, you shouldn’t neglect storing your jewelry properly. This is one of the situations that can quickly turn your favorite long necklace into a knotted mess. 

Straw Method

This super easy trick will save you a lot of heartache on your next trip. All you have to do is get a straw, loop one end of the necklace through one hole, and clasp on the other side. That’s literally it. This method will keep your thin chain necklaces, and thicker necklaces separate from each other and prevent tangling.

Plastic Wrap

If you don’t have any straws on hand, we have some other household items that you can easily use on your next trip. Get some plastic wrap and we’ll explain how easy this method is.

First, lay your necklace out on a piece of plastic wrap. Once laid out, simply wrap both ends inwards, and seal. That’s it! When you want to wear it, just pull apart the wrapping, and you’re ready to go. You can reuse the plastic wrap until it starts to fall apart. 

Cardboard Toilet Paper Roll

This final method can be your last resort or the easiest method out there. Using a cardboard toilet paper roll to protect your necklaces from getting tangled might sound a little crazy, but believe us, it works. 

What’s great about this, in comparison to the straw method, is that you can get creative and use it in a few different ways.

  • You can clasp bracelets around the roll. 

  • You can pin earrings into the cardboard securely. Just push them through and don’t forget to place the backing on. 

  • You can thread necklaces through the center of the roll and fasten them once through (just like the straw method).

To keep your jewelry protected and prevent the toilet rolls from getting crushed, you should store them on top of your packed luggage.

How to Untangle a Necklace

Now that we’ve explained how to prevent the tragedy of a tangled necklace from occurring, we want to help you untangle it if you find yourself in that situation. 

  • Unclasp the tangled necklace.

  • Find a sewing needle or a safety pin (you can use a stud earring in a pinch).

  • With the pointy object, use the tip to gently loosen the knot.


  • If this doesn’t work, you can bring your tangled necklace to a jeweler for professional help.

Kinked Chain

If your necklace isn’t fully tangled, the link might just be kinked. The thinner the jewelry chain, the easier it is for it to become kinked. We’ve created a tutorial to help you unkink your chain. It’s as simple as lifting the necklace chain and holding the links on each side near the kinked links. Gently push and pull the links, letting gravity do most of the work to loosen the kink. Then store the chain flat or in a hanging position so the links can stay straight.

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