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5 Essential Men’s Fashion Accessories


Accessorizing sounds like a feminine practice, something little girls do with their dolls. We’re here to tell you it is absolutely not just for ladies and is something every guy should master. 

Simply put, accessories are things that can be added to something else, like an outfit, to make it more attractive, complementary, and useful. Whether you're styling casual wear with sunglasses or a bracelet or formal wear with a high-fashion leather belt, there are always accessories for different styles. An accessory can also be both practical and decorative. We love when fashion meets function. 

Accessories can be fun conversation pieces like the floral tie and pocket square you bust out at weddings. They can be the expensive luxury watch you received from your job for years of loyal and hard work, or they can be the classic gold chain you wear with your favorite white tee that shows off your good taste. Fashion accessories can be fun, stylish, and, a lot of times, something you can’t live without. Here’s your ultimate guide to five essential men’s fashion accessories to add to your wardrobe and how to style them.

Third Piece

The third piece rule is an easy way to elevate your look and complete your outfit. This works for both men and women! The third piece trick can be your starting place because you have to wear a top, bottom, and your third piece can be a jacket, hat, scarf, or chain. If you live in colder climates, you might think, "I already wear multiple pieces!" So consider this rule to help you add on that additional piece or pieces, whether you're a minimalist or maximalist.

Jackets, Hoodies, & Hats

If you’re a guy who lives in his hoodie and hat, then you’re already halfway to completing your look. A hoodie and simple cap can show off your style in many ways. You can rep your favorite sports team or brand in a casual way. Kick things up a notch by wearing an Italian wool baseball hat from your favorite designer for a high-low look. 

Put away your favorite hoodie for a day and switch things up by throwing on a shirt jacket, aka the shacket, a foolproof way to style yourself. While plaid flannel is the most obvious choice, consider a jacket in tweed, suede, or velvet. Depending on which material you choose, you can further add on additional accessories like a designer belt with a noticeable gold buckle or an iced out bracelet to peek out under that sleeve.

Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry can be one of the easiest ways to elevate your look. Men’s jewelry has also been an emerging trend and has been having a renaissance in the last few years, and now you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing some glittering gold or sleek silver pieces. Jewelry tends to be a very personal and intentional accessory. From men’s earrings to chains, you can use these accessories to really tie your look together and show off your style.


A chain is a fashion accessory that can make all the difference for any outfit and style, whether it's formal wear or casual wear. One or two chains can add a little something extra to your look by creating a focal point. Chains and necklaces are flattering on everyone as long as you choose the right size and length

If you’re just starting your chain collection, check out our article about the types of necklaces  every adult should have. If you already have a favorite necklace, like a classic Cuban chain or a rope chain, consider a layered or stacked look for an elevated fit.

Cuban Link Chain - 8mm - Image 1/2
Cuban Link Chain - 8mm - Image 2/2
Cuban Link Chain - 8mm
free engraving
Cuban Link Chain - 5mm - Image 1/2
Cuban Link Chain - 5mm - Image 2/2
Cuban Link Chain - 5mm#1 Men's Gold Chain

An iced-out chain like our Tennis Chain or Iced Out Cuban Link Chain is the perfect accessory when you need to spruce up a simpler outfit or take your formal ensemble to the next level.

There are also different types of pendants to add to your collection if you’re wanting something more than a chain. 


It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a jacket or a short sleeve tee; a bracelet is one of those easy pieces you can throw on while you’re walking out the door. The options are endless in terms of materials. 14k gold, sterling silver nylon, beads, and more are out there on creative bracelet designs for all lifestyles and occasions.

A versatile piece is the tennis bracelet. A hit on and off the court, this lightweight and flexible bracelet can be dressed up or down. You can style it classically with clear lab-simulated diamonds and a gold or sterling silver setting, or go for something more of the moment with colorful CZ stones. Get inspired with a rainbow of choices to match any bold jewel-tone shirt you have, or let it be the showstopper by wearing it with a black or white tee.


On the subject of men’s jewelry trends, men's rings of all different styles have also been on the rise. We know the majority of your day is spent texting, typing, and scrolling. You might even be looking down at your hands right now as they hold your phone. Are your fingers decked out or bare? Rings for men are not just reserved for wedding bands. 

Try a classic signet ring on any finger —or your pinky if you’re feeling like a Soprano. If you wear a wedding ring on your left hand, try a ring on the other hand. Don’t be afraid to rock different finishes. A black tungsten wedding band with a silver structural Ridge Ring creates a balanced style.