JAXXON's Gold Crucifix, Compass, and Onyx Beverly Pendants on gold cable chains laid out together on a flat grey background.

Types of Pendants Every Necklace Owner Should Wear


Your jewelry experience should be a journey, starting with the basics like bracelets and necklaces before you work your way up to bigger, bolder designs.

One important benchmark as you climb the jewelry ladder is the addition of pendants, which are individual pieces showcased on your favorite chain necklace.

While some pendants are personalized, others are more general and classic, making a perfect entry point for jewelry newcomers. Let’s talk about the top pendant styles on the jewelry scene right now and offer some tips on how to incorporate them into your collection.

Solid Pendant Starter Kit

Starting from square one with your pendant collection? Here are three versatile pendants that deserve the top spots in your lineup from the get-go.

Beverly Dog Tag

Inspired by military tags, but featuring sleek modern lines, this solid Beverly pendant is the perfect entry point for any jewelry first-timers.

What makes the Beverly such a great starter pendant? The style is clean and efficient, and the shape is just distinctive enough to add to an outfit without being distracting.

In other words, this pendant is meant to complement your look, rather than be a total show stopper. That makes the Beverly ideal for jewelry novices or intermediates looking for a dependable and classic addition.

Sleek Skyline

Imagine an old-school dog tag pendant that has been lengthened and streamlined to perfection. You need to see this Skyline pendant design to get the full picture!

The structure of this pendant is slim, yet strong at the same time, and there’s no wrong time to wear it. The Skyline is also the perfect weight, keeping you centered and grounded with a boost of self-confidence wherever you go.

Bold Combine Pendant

Octagons are definitely in vogue at the moment, as shown by the popularity of styles like the Combine pendant. This piece has plenty of sleek, carved edges that reflect light in every direction, and a fine-brush finish that is eternally cool.

If you want a fresh take on the military-inspired dog tag, the Combine is a great step forward into a more contemporary style. Hanging from a solid cable chain necklace, this one is an instant hit.

Modern Geometrics

Maybe you snoozed through the subject in school, but geometry is worth revisiting when you’ve got so many stylish pendants to choose from.

Here are a few top-ranking geometric pendants that should earn a spot in your rotation.

Hexagonal Helix

Count ‘em up—six sides and a shimmering surface make this unique hollow Helix pendant an attractive piece in any collection.

The advantage of this design is the subtle look and feel of the hollowed-out core, making it a distinctive accent piece for a streetwear outfit or something dressier.

Plus, the Helix comes in yellow gold, rose gold, and 925 sterling silver, so you can mix and match your hexagons with any color scheme you want, any day of the week.

Triangle Trinity

This tri-point Trinity pendant just exudes the minimal modern style that everyone is loving right now. It offers just the right amount of shine and sparkle without going over the top, making the Trinity a super versatile option.

Once again, the hollow design of this piece allows you to fully display your graphic tee or just add a bit of texture to your jacket or button-up.

We promise that once this piece is added to your collection, you’ll come up with any excuse to wear it out the door.

More Shapes and Styles

Circles, squares, trapezoids, and all sorts of crazy combos —they’re out there for the taking if you search far and wide!

Geometric pendants are more popular than ever, and jewelry designers are delivering on all fronts.

We like these styles in particular because of their versatility and the fact that they don’t clash with any type of outfit or pattern. If you want to explore more creative and eye-catching styles, there are plenty more to be found.

Faith-Based Pendants

Some pendants are meant to make a statement, whether it’s a proclamation of faith or just a reminder to yourself about a spiritual connection with community and God.

Of course, you don’t need to be religious to wear these types of pendants, because they are stylish in their own right! Here are a few popular pendant styles that focus on faith with a dash of fashion for good measure.

Classic Cross Styles

The jewelry scene has supplied outstanding cross pendants for centuries and continue to do so. Modern cross necklaces range from clean and minimal to gemstone-studded and highly detailed.

There’s a huge variety of crosses to choose from, so start exploring your options and see which ones speak to you.

Star of David

This ancient six-point star design contains wisdom and power beyond belief!

A Star of David pendant necklace makes for a perfect gift for a young man or woman in your temple community, or just a fortification of your own personal faith.

Find Your Connection

Maybe you aren’t committed to a particular faith, or you’re searching for your own spiritual side each day.

Wearing a pendant can point you in the right direction and help you along your own journey, wherever it may lead.

Find the Perfect Pendant for You

The beauty of men’s chain pendants are the infinite number of shapes and styles available, especially in today’s rapidly expanding jewelry market.

You can search far and wide to find a pendant that suits your personality, or just start simple with a pre-made pendant set with the essentials.

The point is, that you call the shots when it comes to pendants, and there is no limit to how you express yourself with these multifaceted pieces.

Before long, you’ll be commissioning your own personalized pendants with engravings, initials, pictures, and other elements that are 100% unique to you!

For now, just start with some of our favorites and discover what styles work best along the way.


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