Picture of 6 Men’s Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2023: Chains, Rings, and More

6 Men’s Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2023: Chains, Rings, and More


Men’s jewelry trends have shared a purpose: to represent who you really are. Men’s jewelry styles have evolved toward refinement and sophistication. Discover the trendiest jewelry styles in men’s fashion for 2023 below.

#1 Classic Cuban Link Chains

Cuban link necklaces are ornate and decked in gold or sterling silver links that intertwine in ovals or small circles. The links are specially interlocked to lay flat and smooth against the skin and underneath the shirt, creating a strong, heavy appearance for modern men. 

It’s classically masculine and has been styled with menswear for decades. You’ll spot Cuban chains on nearly every icon and celebrity, from Jay-Z to Justin Bieber.

Elevate Your Style: This Italian-made 5mm Cuban Link Chain is the just-right option for chain accessories. Balancing between its 3mm and 7mm counterparts, it makes an understated statement with its sterling silver base and 14K gold coating. If you’re wondering “what is sterling silver,” make sure to read more about the metal before making your jewelry purchase.

#2 Intricate Rope Chains

As the name implies, rope chains create a woven aesthetic. To the eyes, this menswear trend looks as if the segmented chains are twisted amongst each other, which creates an eye-catching dimension and shine.

To stay on trend and make a bold statement, rope chains are often layered with:

Elevate Your Style: The Rope Chain delivers a dose of intricacy and sleek silver style. And its design creates a natural flow of movement with your clothing, whether you’re walking into the club or into a board meeting. 

#3 Powerful Pendant Necklaces

Sometimes, a classic chain needs a powerful pendant to make your style truly stand out among the crowd. Pendants provide a personalized touch, whether you’re rocking a gold cross that represents your faith or a turquoise crest that adds a pop of color atop your all-black shirt, pants, and leather jacket.

Most men choose to hang different types of pendants from slimmer chains or enhance the look by layering multiple unadorned chains beneath the pendant. 

Elevate Your Look: Get decked out with an Iced Out Capitol Pendant dog tag studded in CZ stones. Its stainless steel base is durable and classic, paired with a sterling silver chain for luxury that’s sure to stay on trend throughout the years. 

#4 Fresh Earrings

At long last, earring trends for men have broken away from the old standby of the single-ear stud. Take a look at every celeb from A$AP Rocky to Machine Gun Kelly, and you’ll see a bevy of earring styles, including:

  • Drop earrings
  • Cuban chain hoops
  • Brilliant diamond studs

On-trend earrings for men options are really only limited by what you’re comfortable with. Stick with a single diamond stud, make it a pair, or go bold with a large diamond that properly fits this menswear trend and makes heads turn. 

Elevate Your Look: Reinvent a classic with black Men’s Stud Earrings or carry over your chain aesthetic with Cuban Link Earrings that loop in jewelry trends with confidence.

#5 Mod Rings

We’re seeing men sporting rings of all kinds in each season, from colorful signet cut bands to diamond-studded showstoppers. Black tungsten rings are never not in fashion—add a single zirconia stud if you want a bit more flash.

The best part? Men’s rings can be worn on any finger and can still fit within current fashion trends. Channel your inner Tony Soprano with a heavy pinky ring, or go a more traditional route with a ring on the index finger. Can’t decide on just one ring? Follow the lead of every celeb from Billy Porter to Lil Nas, and adorn multiple fingers for an eclectic look.

Elevate Your Look: The Turquoise Signet Ring in gold combines the time-honored polish of gold with a hypnotic turquoise stone that's just the right amount of flashy and timeless. 

#6 Opulent Bracelets

A simple cuff, intricate woven band, or classic chain bracelet is effortlessly comfortable and stylish but still raises the bar, even if you’re just sporting them with your favorite band tees and jeans. What’s in style this year?

But when it comes to our favorite men’s bracelet trend? Hands down, we’ve got to hand it to Drake and his showstopping diamond tennis bracelet. If you’re ready to add major ice to your next suit-and-tie moment (but not quite ready to invest in the real thing), simulated diamonds set in 14kt gold gives you the same luxurious look without breaking the bank. 

Elevate Your Look: Green is a color with ties to success and prosperity, and the always-fresh Green Emerald Cut Tennis Bracelet is a fine way to keep your ambitions close. 

What to Look For In Quality Men’s Jewelry

Whatever style or fashion trend you choose, the most important point to consider is quality. Craftsmanship and high-end metals like 14kt gold and silver never go out of style—and never turn your fingers green. 

To style your fit with the utmost confidence, whether it be with a bomber jacket, denim, shorts, or just tees and cargo pants, find jewelry that boasts the following qualities:

  • Quality materials – Always opt for genuine sterling silver, solid gold, or gold bonding. These metals are durable, always in style, and hold up to everyday wear. Solid 14kt gold is an optimal choice for most men’s wardrobes, as it offers a more balanced tone than either 10kt or 18kt gold. And any tarnish can be easily cleaned from quality metals with a home cleaning kit.
  • Versatility – When you’re just starting your jewelry collection and you don’t have a lot of pieces in rotation, you’ll get the most use out of versatile, classic pieces like men's silver bracelets, silver rings, and layered chains that can effortlessly pair with any style. Then, add bigger, blingier statement pieces like men’s customizable pendants and hanging earrings to your collection as it grows. 
  • Gold-bonded – When you can’t opt for solid gold, gold bonding is an equally eye-catching alternative. It is not the same as gold plating. Most gold plating involves coating a stainless steel base with a thin layer of gold. Gold bonding, on the other hand, is a painstaking process that involves coating a solid sterling silver chain with 3 to 5 layers of real gold. JAXXON’s gold-bonded chains are crafted in Italy by artisanal jewelers and made to stay on trend throughout the seasons. 

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