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How Much Does a Gold Chain Cost?


All that glitters is gold.

Hip hop stars and professional athletes have been showing off their solid gold chains for decades. These can range from over-the-top iced-out Cuban link chains to sleek stacks of different gold chain options. 

Solid Gold

Solid gold jewelry is not just one of the many men’s fashion accessories, it can also be an investment. Quality gold jewelry can range from 10k to 24k, with pure gold being the most expensive and the lower caratage pieces being less expensive. The cost of gold per gram/ounce varies depending on the economic market, so how can we determine the cost of a solid gold chain necklace? 

  • The total weight of the gold, including any gemstones 

  • The total karat amount

  • The design

At the time this article was written, ten grams of pure gold was worth close to $570.00 USD, which was up from the previous day. If you want to get really technical and involve some math, you can figure out the cost of 14 karat gold by multiplying the cost of 24 karat gold and 0.585 (the percentage of pure gold in 14k gold). This would make 10 grams of 14k gold cost closer to $350.00.

Now, remember, this is gold in its most basic form. It needs to be made into a chain necklace by a jeweler before it can be sold to consumers. It get’s further complicated when you think of all the work that goes into getting that real gold item ready for sale and marketed to consumers, which drives the price up. So keep this in mind when you think about the cost of a gold chain. 

Chains for the Rich and Famous

Many of us won’t be able to afford over a hundred thousand dollars on a chain, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in those ultra-expensive pieces. Some of these customs chains are works of art, but you don’t have to spend $1.5 million dollars like Rick Ross to have the chain of your dreams.

Gold Bonded

This alternative to solid gold is easier on your wallet yet looks and feels luxurious. Gold bonded chains are real 14k gold bonded over 925 sterling silver. So, what is the difference between gold plate vs gold bonded? Unlike gold plated jewelry, these durable, shiny, and luxurious pieces can be mistaken for solid gold since their gold content is higher than gold plated jewelry. While the cost of these chains can be a fraction of the cost of their solid gold counterparts, their cost is based on the weight of sterling silver and 14k gold, as well as the design. If any precious gems or simulated stones are used, this will contribute to the cost. 

If you’re set on purchasing a solid gold alternative, the price will help you determine the quality. If something is really cheap, then it’s probably too good to be true. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a really nice gold chain for under $100! A lot of retailers mark up their prices for various reasons, but at JAXXON, we always list our fair pricing chart to help explain the possible costs of our competitors' fine jewelry.

Add-on Accessories

Once you’ve got your gold chain, you might want to know how to wear a gold chain and the different ways to style it. One great idea is to add some extras to it. Pendants are the easiest way to elevate your chain and entire fit. Think of it as a way to further personalize your look. If you want to show off your faith, represent your favorite city, or just add classic men's dog tag pendants—they are the way to go.

We have a varied selection of men’s gold pendants to add to your thinner chains. Many of them are even engravable, which can add a level of personalization and special meaning to your everyday look.

If you’ve created the look you want with your gold chain, you can start exploring other fine jewelry pieces like rings and bracelets. If your ears are pierced, you can get adventurous with hoops and studs. The world of men’s jewelry is at the highest it’s been in decades, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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