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Y2K Men’s Fashion Trends to Rock in 2023


The Y2K fashion trend is back and stronger than ever.

We’re talking about leather jackets, cargo pants, bucket hats, and vests—early 2000’s staples that are resurfacing on runways and red carpets alike. Oh, and also those diamond studs and golden chains that pair perfectly with monochrome tracksuits. 

What does that mean? There’s plenty to choose from to revamp your style with fresh 2000’s flair.

#1 Denim

While denim has been an American classic since the 1950s, it went through a renaissance during the Y2K era—if you witnessed Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake on the red carpet, you know what we're talking about.

Suddenly, denim became a popular fabric choice for many other articles of clothing, such as:

  • Jackets

  • Shorts

  • Hats

  • Button-ups 

Denim on denim has come back into fashion. But this time, you won't have to worry about uncomfortable skinny jeans. If you're after that authentic Y2K style, consider opting for a baggier style—maybe even with some embroidered graphics. 

Pair them with an oversized graphic t-shirt or a loose-fitting hoodie to complete the Y2K outfit look. 

#2 Streetwear

In the early 2000’s, the rise of hip-hop and MTV significantly reset clothing culture. Music videos suddenly became fashion shows. As a result, streetwear came into fashion. 

Streetwear aims to show off the authentic, diverse scene of urban life. Show some pride for your city by sporting some streetwear essentials, such as:

  • Chains – Rappers and hip-hop artists everywhere decked themselves out in gold chains. While they became somewhat of a status symbol, they also provide a simple luxurious feel that can enhance any outfit. Don your own men’s gold chain or opt for an Iced Out Cuban Link Chain to bring the bling. 

  • Puffer jackets – For a fashion-forward jacket that looks dope (and fights the cold), you can't go wrong with a puffer jacket. These jackets allow you to take up space and get loud with a brightly colored exterior. 

  • Snapbacks – Y2K streetwear style had snapbacks written all over it. Modernize your snapback with a sleek design and wear it for any casual kickback.

#3 Metallics 

Many Y2K trends touted a futuristic flair inspired by the rise of technology like flip phones, Gameboys, and of course, the internet. The most obviousfashion trend is the use of metallics. For women, that resulted in many shiny shoes, metallic purses, and bejeweled accessories.

For men, that meant metallic space pants—and silver jewelry to match. Bring the trend back to the future with these shiny staples:

  • Rings – The early 2000’s practically invented the term bling. Show off your shine with a bling ring to stop traffic. Choose an outspoken Eternity Ring, go classic with a simple Silver Signet Ring, or find more types of rings for men that will help elevate any style.

  • Metallic leather jackets – Many leather jackets in the 2000’s had enhanced shine, making them an excellent metallic article. A statement jacket like this can marry modern-day aesthetics with a futuristic feel. Add some sunglasses, and you may just break the Matrix.  

  • Bracelets – Add a men’s bracelet or two to your outfit for some subtle shine. Bring visual interest to a formal evening look or throw them on before heading to the grocery store. Wear this highly manageable accessory anytime and guarantee style without fuss. Check out our bracelet size guide to accurately measure what size to purchase.

#4 Athleisure

The 2000’s became one of the first decades to provide exercise clothing to wear throughout the day. Now, athleisure has become so popular you can't walk out the door without seeing a nice pair of joggers. 

But how do we get back to the O.G. 2000’s athleisure attire? For men, there are a few easy picks to adopt this comfortable athletic style:

  • Tracksuits – Velour tracksuits got their start in the early 2000’s, and we have to thank them. Even today, they provide a comfortable and fashionable feel that can take us from our morning trip to the gym to our favorite club downtown. Pair it with a Cuban link chain for an effortless party look. 

  • Designer shoes – Y2K fashion arguably began the practice of pairing designer shoes with workout clothes. Between AirJordans and classic white Nikes, your own feet became a status symbol. 

  • Hoodies – Zip-up hoodies and pullovers also became popular in the early 2000’s. For an excellent blend between streetwear and athleisure, hoodies remain a perfect choice for casual wear. You can even throw an unbuttoned flannel over the top for a dash of 2000’s punk flair. 

#5 Preppy Clothes

Streetwear isn't for everyone. If you like a more polished look, you can look to the preppy Y2K aesthetic. With the rise of reality shows in the early 2000’s, people became interested in the lives of the wealthy—and everyone wanted to dress like they were off to the Hamptons.

To achieve preppy Y2K men's fashion, you should start with the following:

  • Bright/white polos

  • A nice wristwatch

  • Pastel shorts

  • Boat shoes

  • A beaded bracelet

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With the rise of streetwear, athleisure, and fine jewelry for men, there's a lot to celebrate when it comes to Y2K fashion. The early 2000’s marked an era filled with loud, expressive style that still inspires our fits today.

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