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A Guide to the Different Types of Rings for Men


This is a topic we are particularly excited about. MEN’S RINGS. 

We live in an era where we are always using our fingers and looking at them. We’re texting and typing all day long, so why not decorate your ring finger and add some flair to your look? It doesn’t matter if you want to wear a single ring on one hand or wear multiple rings at a time; we’re here to tell you about the types of rings for men you should be rocking. 

Since everyone has different-sized fingers, you absolutely need to know your size before purchasing your new men’s ring. For the best fit, measure for the right size with our Ultimate Men’s Ring Sizing Guide.

Let’s get started.


The signet ring is the ultimate power accessory. This classic style has been loved for centuries, and we’re not even exaggerating.Did you know that the word signet comes from the Latin word for signature? Signet rings were used to seal letters and documents until mail systems came along. You don't need your signet to sign off on your work emails, but maybe you'll start showing them off with an over-the-top wave when you end a zoom call. 

Our signet ring blends the overall look of the classic status symbol with modern design elements. The beveled edges and fine brush finish show off this masculine-style ring. This ring can be worn on any finger, but we find it particularly strong on the pointer finger or pinky. This jewelry piece is one that will surely boost your confidence and elevate your style.


The Wilshire and Ridge rings are two great options if you’re looking for structural pieces. Modern rings can be a more subtle option and great for everyday wear. 

The Wilshire Ring has the essential elements of modern construction: minimal shape and clean lines. The Ridge Ring takes architectural fashion to the next level. With 20 ribs that run vertically around its band, precision, and strength are united in this modern ring. 

Both rings look incredible in gold and silver, but these designs really stand out with a black finish. From black rhodium to tungsten, gun-metal to midnight, this modern finish for jewelry is a fashion favorite for the modern man.

Studded Rings and Eternity Bands

Men’s diamond rings, whether natural VS quality, lab-grown or lab-simulated, are the ultimate expression of elegance and luxury. 

Go for an absolute showstopping diamond ring like the Flooded Diamond Signet Ring. With three rows of handset VS diamonds and 14k solid gold, this ring is our most luxurious piece. Don’t let its diamond clarity distract you while you’re driving because you won’t be able to take your eyes off this fully iced-out ring.

If you want an iced-out diamond ring you can wear with any outfit, go for an eternity ring with lab-simulated diamonds. This ring will bounce light off in every direction for a dazzling display of style.

The Wedding Band

When you hit a certain age and spring comes around, you know it’s wedding season. This special time to celebrate love and commitment can be a fun time to dress up, but if you’re the one getting married, you need to think about your own wedding ring or engagement ring. But wait. Do men wear engagement rings in the first place? Definitely, so make sure you pick the perfect wedding and engagement ring by checking out your options.

Just like fashion rings, wedding bands can come in different designs ranging from classic to modern. There are more choices than ever for men’s wedding rings now that fit every style and budget. JAXXON’s Men’s Wedding Band Collection includes the go-to traditional styles in both shiny and satin finishes in solid 14k yellow gold and white gold. For those with an active lifestyle, go for our tungsten rings, which give the best style and quality. Wedding bands are already very special pieces of jewelry, but make the perfect ring into true heirlooms by engraving the date of your special day inside the ring with our engraving service. 


As you’re building your own collection of rings, quality is more important than quantity. You want quality rings that stand up to washing your hands or using sanitizer multiple times a day. Cheap materials will turn your fingers green or bend out of shape. It’s worth it to purchase a ring that you can wear over and over again, and with these materials, you’ll sport your rings with all your best fits.


What is more elegant and appealing than a classic gold ring? This is one of the most malleable and resilient precious metals in the natural world and makes for great rings when alloyed with other materials like copper, silver, and nickel.

A ring made from authentic 14K gold, for instance, will retain its shape and shine for many years to come, while white gold of the same karat offers a distinctive bright look that’s even better suited for daily wear. It doesn’t matter if you’re choosing a solid gold or gold-bonded ring; both will last a lifetime.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver may not have the same luxury reputation as gold, but it’s a great choice for rings nevertheless, especially if you want to expand your collection quickly and save some cash.

With silver, you get way more material for your money, and with today’s unique alloys, designers can create mini masterpieces you can wear on your finger for relatively cheap.

Be aware that silver does tend to scuff and take on some tarnish over time, so be ready to store these rings properly and care for them regularly.


Tungsten is an exceptionally durable metal, chosen because it is highly scratch-proof and tarnish-resistant—exactly what you need for a lifelong ring. Our high-performance tungsten is 80% tungsten and 20% carbide.

Tungsten carbide is an exceptionally durable metal, which is why JAXXON’s newest collection of men’s rings is made with this high-performance material. Our tungsten rings offer luxurious styles that will withstand the elements of an active lifestyle, so you can confidently wear them every day as a stylish accessory or wedding band.

Stainless Steel

Next to tungsten, stainless steel is the best choice if you want to wear your ring to the gym or while you’re exploring the great outdoors. Premium-grade 316L stainless steel isn’t just durable; it’s scratch resistant and will withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

Wilshire Ring - Gold - Image 1/2
Wilshire Ring - Gold - Image 2/2
Wilshire Ring - Gold
free engraving

Wear With Confidence

Now that you know more about rings and you have your eye on one or one for every finger, how are you going to style them? Have you learned how to wear multiple rings? If you’re already a ring lover, we hope that our styling tips from this article will give you some new ideas. If you’re new to rings and just starting to experiment with these men’s fashion accessories, our biggest tip is to have fun and be confident! Half the battle with trying something new is putting the ring on. Any guy can pull off a ring, and soon you’ll see how much you love wearing them along with your chain necklaces and bracelets. At JAXXON, our jewelry experts are always ready to help you find the perfect ring. 

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