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Types of Men’s Rings: A Complete Guide on Rings for Men


For centuries, men’s rings were symbols of power, prestige, and style. While they may have fallen slightly out of favor in the 20th century, rings are finally back at the forefront of men’s fashion and are getting all the credit they deserve.

But since the ring craze has only just reignited, many men are wondering how to step into the game the right way. Which ring styles are on-trend right now, which ones have a timeless appeal, and what else is there to know before building a collection of your own?

We’ve got you covered on all fronts in this article, a complete guide to men’s rings, starting now.

Why Do You Want To Wear a Ring?

It’s an important question to ask before making any purchase – why do I want to wear a ring? There is no right or wrong answer, but it will lead you to a more satisfactory choice.

Wedding Band

The most popular men’s rings in the world have a practical purpose, showing a man’s commitment to his marriage and relationship.

Wedding bands are surprisingly diverse in terms of construction and style, even though they may look similar to the untrained eye. These rings have subtle and unique shapes, some with rounded exteriors, others with flat surfaces inside and out.

Plus, some wedding bands contain inset diamonds carved into small grooves or located along the edge of the ring within a framed design.

As Subtle Accessories

Many modern rings aim for a minimalistic look, complementing subdued outfits. They are perfect for business casual wear in the office and beyond.

These are rings that aren’t meant to turn heads or steal the spotlight when you walk into a room. Rather, they act as a nice finishing touch to the outfits you wear every day, creating a more complete look and adding a dash of confidence.

Don’t expect any wild designs or loud gemstones here – just clean, classic rings that can be worn on any finger, with any outfit, for any occasion.

Fashion Statements

These are the rings that you might see in a hip-hop music video or on a bandana-wearing biker as he parks his Harley outside the bar. Big, bold, show-stopping rings with intricate details of eagles, skulls, and other elaborate designs that instantly catch your eye.

There is a time and place for rings like these, and you’ve got to appreciate the craftsmanship! However, for daily wear, these might not be the most practical pieces around.

Add a few to your collection, but be sure to keep some more low-key pieces in your rotation, as well.

What Materials Should You Look For?

Rings can be made from pretty much anything, but you want materials that look great, feel comfortable on your finger, and have some inherent value as well. Here are the top materials to consider.


What is more elegant and appealing than a classic gold ring? This is one of the most malleable and resilient metals in the natural world and makes for great rings when alloyed with other materials like copper, silver, and nickel.

A ring made from authentic 14K gold, for instance, will retain its shape and shine for many years to come, while white gold of the same karat offers a distinctive bright look that’s even better suited for daily wear.


Sterling silver may not have the same luxury reputation as gold, but it’s a viable choice for rings nevertheless, especially if you want to expand your collection quickly and save some cash.

With silver, you get way more material for your money, and with today’s unique alloys, designers can create mini masterpieces you can wear on your finger for relatively cheap.

Be aware that silver does tend to scuff and take on some tarnish over time, so be ready to store these rings properly and care for them regularly.

Popular Alternatives

Gold and silver may be classics, but there are so many more materials to consider. Titanium, for example, is known for its comfort, durability, and extremely lightweight design. Plus, they’re typically quite affordable and come in many styles.

Tungsten is another option, known for its super-tough exterior and affordable price tags. There are also ceramic and wooden rings that offer an old-school look and feel but perhaps won’t retain their shape and design for the long term.

It’s all a game of choices and tradeoffs when selecting materials, so be sure to weigh all your options and try on a range of rings first hand.

Trendy Favorites

There is an endless variety of men’s rings on the market today, and the internet has really opened up our options. Here are a few of our favorite designs featuring premium materials, flawless construction, and great value.


A modern take on a classic design, the Wilshire features sleek, tapered edges and spaced ridges across the outer edge that adds plenty of character. At 7mm wide, it’s thick enough to make a statement without going over the top.

The Twelve Ring

How many tapered edges does this ring have? You guessed right – twelve all the way around. This creates dozens of distinct surfaces for amazing texture and light reflection, making the Twelve Ring a true showstopper.

Ridge Ring

With slits spaced closely together, the Ridge Ring delivers a sleek design with tons of shine at various angles. Available in gold or silver, this ring is one of a kind and can be worn on any finger.

Signet Ring

We have to mention the classic signet ring, which is perfect for everyday wear. That flat surface is bold and masculine, making a perfect men’s ring. Not too flashy, just a well-balanced design done right.


Men’s rings are fun to collect, enjoyable to wear, and will earn you plenty of compliments. Follow our guide and check out our recommendations to find the best ones for you.


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