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Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?


Proposing to your significant other is a momentous occasion filled with excitement, anticipation, and happiness. But a little planning needs to go into it first. One of those details might be wondering if men wear engagement rings. Engagement rings for women fill entire jewelry stores. I wouldn’t be surprised if masterclasses are dedicated to picking out the perfect ring for her. But if she gets to wear one, can you wear one? Ladies—if you’re planning on popping the question to your man, you might want to follow along too.

History of Engagement Rings For Men

We are living in a new era, where dated traditions are being broken down to make way for new traditions. The focus of proposals and engagements tends to focus on the feminine experience, but we want to focus on the groom!

The custom of women wearing engagement or betrothal rings has been around for many centuries. Men have only started sporting engagement rings since the mid-twentieth century. Promise rings for men are even becoming more popular. Feminism, post-war sentiments, and fashion all played a part in this trend. In recent years, sales of men’s engagement rings have increased due in part to the rise of men’s jewelry and marriage equality. Even Ed Sheeran wore an engagement ring designed by his fiancé to celebrate their love. 

Engagement Ring to Wedding Band

There are a few ways to approach men's engagement rings. 

  • Purchase the ring for yourself, so you have something to wear once you propose to your girlfriend.

  • Have your fiancé pick out your engagement ring after you’ve proposed.

  • Ladies can choose the ring they want to propose to their boyfriends with. 

  • Guys, pick out the perfect ring for your partner and beat him to it before he proposes to you!

If you’re considering getting an engagement ring for yourself to celebrate with your fiancé, you can choose something that matches or complements her ring. You can choose something with a single stud to have the feel of a traditional men’s engagement ring and upgrade to something more simple or classic for the wedding ceremony. 

If you want to start with something a little less expensive, go for a tungsten men’s ring. Tungsten men’s rings have the luxurious look and feel of solid gold, with extreme durability, at a fraction of the price. 

Maybe you want to choose your wedding band now, but wear it during the engagement first. To add to the special feel on your wedding day, get it engraved with the wedding date or your future spouse’s initials. This way, you can enjoy the wedding ring longer but still feel like you got an upgrade. It can be your something old—and something new.

3 Perfect Engagement Rings for Men

We’ve given you a lot to think about. If engagement rings weren’t already on your mind before, now you have to consider one for yourself. Here are 3 perfect engagement rings we’d recommend for men.

Single Diamond Solid Ring

Solitaire diamonds scream engagement—in a good way. Our Single Diamond Wedding Band in solid 14k gold is a perfect option to mark your engagement and commitment to each other. Whether you prefer white gold or yellow gold, this ring comes in both colors and includes a solitary VS diamond for a men’s ring that looks luxurious and sophisticated. 

Classic Tungsten Ring

Tungsten rings are the fashion accessory of choice for men with active lifestyles and those who want practical and budget-friendly men’s jewelry without sacrificing luxury. The Classic Tungsten Ring has a fine brush finish for a contemporary satin look, with a center that boasts a comfortable and smooth feel. With options in gold, silver, and black, you can wear a ring that fits your distinct style.

Onyx Signet Ring

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on yourself because you’re spending your savings on a diamond ring for your future fiancé, consider something in sterling silver or stainless steel. Our Onyx Signet Ring has an inlaid onyx stone to create a clean look on a classic signet design. This a great option for a modern take on a classic accessory.

Happy Endings

Enjoy this special time in your life, and take time to consider which men’s engagement ring is best for you. Make sure to measure your ring size before making your purchase, and reach out to our team of jewelry experts if you have questions.

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