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3 Low-Profile Promise Rings for Men


Romance and courtship come with a lot of rules that seem to change all the time, like fashion. Do you need to wait a certain amount of time before making things official or professing your love? How do you make anniversaries and significant moments in your relationship stand out? These common questions are normal, and we’re here to help you with some tidbits of advice and talk about a special symbol of love—the promise ring.

Promise rings often sound like a thing of the past, but promise rings for both men and women are still given as a romantic gesture of commitment. Should men continue this tradition or change things up for themselves and future generations? Do only women wear promise rings, or can men have promise rings too? Just keep reading! Both men and women can learn a thing or two from this article. 

What is a Promise Ring?

Simply put, a promise ring is any type of ring for men and women used to pledge your love and loyalty to another person in a romantic relationship, usually given before an engagement ring. Promise rings have been a traditional symbol of love and commitment for centuries and haven’t always been a precursor to an engagement ring. If marriage is a faraway dream or you don’t believe in marriage, commitment rings can be a great way to show your wish for a future with your partner. The great thing about promise rings is that they have no set style! Just pick something that symbolizes your romantic relationship and is something you’ll want to wear every day. Yellow gold and sterling silver are popular choices because they make fine jewelry and last the longest, but other options like rose gold or tungsten rings are great alternatives to these classic materials. If you’re asking yourself, “what is sterling silver,” make sure to read up on it before making your jewelry purchases.

Promise Rings for Men

So, can men wear promise rings? The answer is yes! Should a woman buy a promise ring for her boyfriend, or can a guy get himself a promise ring when getting one for his girlfriend? Yes, and yes! There are no gender boundaries to professing your love, so no matter who you buy a personalized promise ring for, just choose something special. Romance is supposed to be fun and anything you want it to be. Now that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, here are some promise rings for men that are stylish, luxurious, and, most of all, memorable. 

Choosing the Perfect Promise Ring

Men’s rings are having a big moment in fashion right now. From classic to modern, simple to iced out, rings for men are accessories that can upgrade your look in an instant. When thinking of promise rings and engagement rings, we often think of diamond rings. So which ring style is the best for men’s promise rings?

  • The Signet Ring: the ultimate power accessory is also a traditional ring that has been worn by men for centuries. This ring style has strong beveled edges and stands out no matter what finger you wear it on. 

  • Tungsten Ring: the material of this ring is the perfect thing to symbolize any couple’s relationship. Tungsten carbide is an exceptionally durable metal that will withstand any challenges that come your way. Choose the Double Channel Ring to represent your promise of long-lasting commitment to your partner, or go for the Single Stud Ring for an elegant look and bonus points if it matches your partner’s ring.

  • Simple Gold Band: the most classic and traditional option is a classic gold band of solid 14k gold. The strength of 14k gold and its everlasting shine represents your love in the sweetest way possible. To learn more about the differences between 10k and 14k gold, make sure to visit our resource center for a more in-depth comparison.

Styling Your Ring

While it is traditional to wear men’s wedding bands, promise rings, and engagement rings on your “ring finger,” aka the 4th finger on either your right or left hand, depending on the country you live in or your culture, you can choose to wear a promise ring on any fingfmener you want or hang it from your favorite men’s chain. Take things a step further with an engravable ring showcasing a special date, initials, or just a simple “I LOVE YOU.” Engravings are a great way to personalize any piece of jewelry. So if you’re not ready for a promise ring or prefer a bracelet or pendant necklace instead, think about getting one engraved to commemorate your relationship.

Traditions can be meaningful, and if the romanticists of the 18th and 19th centuries have taught us anything, it’s that love is all about how you feel. Promise rings will always be a symbol of love, but it’s up to you to decide which ring means the most to you. 

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