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How to Wear Multiple Rings: Men's Style Guide


One of the most accessible men’s fashion accessories you can wear right now is a ring. When you’re texting and typing all day, you can look down and admire your rings. That’s the best part—you don't need a mirror to enjoy your rings. But how can you wear more than one ring at a time, and do men wear multiple rings? At JAXXON, we’re jewelry experts and can help you accessorize adventurously.

If you think more is more, rings are the perfect accessory to add to your jewelry rotation because you can wear multiple rings since you have ten fingers to choose from.If you're looking at celebrities like Harry Styles and Snoop Dogg, you're going to see statement stackable rings fit for rock stars. If you’re into high fashion, you might want to wear more gemstones or sophisticated rings. Read along to learn more about what rings mean on each finger and how to style them.

Symbolism, Meaning, History

Is there meaning to the finger you choose to wear your ring on? We’ve definitely had customers ask us, “What does it mean if a man wears a pinky ring?” Well, we can fill you in on a bit of history behind that and let you know that many of those rules really don’t exist anymore because you can wear any ring you want on any finger! Fashion is all about self-expression, and rings can be very personal to the wearer. This means you can choose what you like and what means something to you.

Thumb Ring

Thumb rings were often worn as an emblem of rank, wealth, and status.

They could also be used by archers to protect the pad of the first thumb joint from the action of the bowstring. A solid and simpler men’s ring, like our Beveled Tungsten Ring or Wilshire Ring, is best for the thumb so that it feels smooth and doesn’t interfere with any of your daily activities. You can choose to wear this on either hand, but you may prefer wearing it on your non-dominant hand.

Pointer and Middle Finger

These are the most effortless fingers for men to wear rings on. While there isn’t any outrageous history behind men wearing rings on the pointer or middle fingers, the symbolism always comes back to symbols of status and power. If you’re the kind of guy who likes museums, you will undoubtedly find paintings of kings and noblemen with gold rings on their pointer fingers. Talk about a power move.

Ring Finger

This is the ring women are constantly checking out to see if there’s a ring on it. You know how we said there were no rules when it came to men wearing rings? There might be one, but there is some wiggle room. In America, men and women traditionally wear their promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding band on their left ring finger (that’s the one between your pinky and middle finger.) This symbolizes commitment and love, but in other countries, men might wear their wedding rings on their right ring finger. So, if you’re living in the United States, you may choose to keep that ringer bare until you’ve found your true love, and feel free to wear a ring on your alternate hand instead! 

Pinky Ring

What do Tony Soprano and King Charles III have in common? They love a good pinky ring. 

Pinky rings scream strength and tradition in a good way. In the Victorian era, men often wore pinky rings as a sign of confidence. We think the signet ring is the best option for this little finger. Our Signet Ring has clean lines and a structural style, so it doesn’t overpower your look but rather strengthens and pulls it together. If you’ve never rocked a pinky ring, the time to channel the strength and style of royalty is now.

How to Style Multiple Rings

When it comes to wearing multiple rings, follow your instincts. What feels right to you? Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? There are many ways to style multiple rings on each hand that can look sophisticated, fashionable, and fun.

Multiple Rings on the Same Hand

If you want to wear two rings or more on one hand, here are some tips. Make sure they are on two different fingers, and choose one statement piece and one more subtle choice. It can be uncomfortable to stack men’s rings on the same finger because many ring styles for men tend to be thicker. You can wear them on multiple fingers that are next to each other or spread out the type by choosing one or two fingers to be bare in between. 

For example, wear something big on your index finger/pointer finger like an eternity ring and something slimmer on your ring or pinky finger like a plain signet ring. Or choose a ring for your middle finger and something for your thumb or pinky. Spacing them out for balance or wearing them close for a more dramatic effect can change the entire look of your hand.

We recommend styling multiple rings by contrasting texture, width, and ring type. If one of your rings features a gemstone or elaborate design, wear it with a more minimal band for balance. 

Wedding Rings

If you’re wondering how to wear your wedding band with other rings, we have some tips. You can easily match the finish or material of your wedding ring with your other rings. If your wedding ring is yellow gold, choose a ring with a similar finish. If your ring is white gold or platinum, choose sterling silver. Or mix things up entirely and wear rings with different colored metals like gold, sterling silver, tungsten, and black rhodium. The choices are endless.


Before you’re able to purchase the ring you want, you need to know the accurate ring measurement for each of your fingers. You can do this in a jewelry store or at home in a few different ways. A ring sizer is an easy and accurate tool to measure your ring size. If you don’t have one handy, you can use a piece of paper, string, and a ruler! Our ring sizing guide will help you no matter which method you choose. Make sure to save this men’s style guide—it’ll come in handy.

Remember, depending on the type of ring you want to wear, you may need to adjust the size. If you’re looking at a thicker ring, you may need to size up, while a thinner ring will fit perfectly to your standard ring size.

How to Store Your Rings

Now that you have all these different rings, you need to make sure you’re storing them properly and taking care of them. Because you’re constantly touching different surfaces and washing your hands with soaps, lotions, and sanitizers, you should set up a cleaning routine for your stacking rings. A jewelry cleaner is the easiest way to keep your rings looking like new. If you tend to take your rings off in the bathroom or your room, a tray or dish can save your rings from getting lost or damaged. If you need something to double at home and while traveling, get yourself a travel jewelry case. Then, you’ll never lose one of your precious rings.

Men’s rings are all about confidence and attitude. At JAXXON, our jewelry experts are always ready to help you find the perfect ring—for any and every finger. With luxurious and durable premium materials, our men’s rings can be worn on special occasions and every day in between.