Picture of 4 Men’s Iced Out Jewelry Pieces You Have to Check Out

4 Men’s Iced Out Jewelry Pieces You Have to Check Out


If you have a jewelry stack that you're proud of but still feel like you're missing something a little extra, these iced out jewelry pieces are calling your name. Adding some men's iced out jewelry to your collection may be just what you need to elevate your style and feel confident with your look. This guide will help you find quality iced out pieces that look great and last without requiring you to drop a few grand in the process.

What is Iced Out Jewelry?

An iced out piece is a type of jewelry embedded with diamonds, emeralds, or other precious stones. When making a piece, dozens to hundreds of these stores are used, creating a showy and expensive look. First made popular by famous rap and hip-hop artists, iced out jewelry can include a bracelet, chain necklace, ring, pendant necklace, and watch.

Affordable Iced Out Jewelry

Cubic Zirconia

Not ready to fork out thousands to fund your jewelry collection? While ice originally referred to diamonds, some of the most popular iced out pieces are made of cubic zirconia instead. Nearly identical in looks, cubic zirconia is a lab-made diamond-inspired gemstone. And to the untrained eye, it's hard to tell the difference between the two. The resemblance to diamonds makes cubic zirconia a great affordable alternative that creates an iced out look without the big price tag. Aside from the great look, cubic zirconia is a fraction of the price.

Plated Jewelry

Another way to save on your iced out pieces and men's fashion accessories is by purchasing plated jewelry. Plated jewelry items usually consist of a metal or steel base and are covered by a layer of gold and then set with cubic zirconia. High-quality, durable, plated jewelry produces head-turning pieces that won't break the bank, allowing you to trade up your style more often.

Iced Out Jewelry Trends

When searching for iced out jewelry, you'll find a lot of different pieces and styles–which can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we're here to help you get on top of the latest men’s fashion trends. Here's a guide to the top 2023 trending iced out jewelry pieces and how to style them.

The Iced Out Cuban Link

An iconic piece, and a favorite for hip-hop artists, the iced out Cuban link should be the first piece of any collection. Sure to get noticed, an iced out Cuban looks great on its own, worn with a neutral-colored tee or as part of a rope or franco chain stack. Our Iced-Out Cuban Link Chain has pavé simulant diamonds and a secure box clasp. With gold chains and silver options, it's everything you need to create a striking fit.

The Iced Out Pendant

Pendants are one of the best ways to express your individuality. You can show off one design, purchase a few different sizes, or get a custom design. As a result, pendants are one of the most popular iced out pieces worn by athletes, artists, actors, and anyone wanting to show off their distinct style.

Pendant's versatility will quickly make them the favorite of your collection. Whether you choose a pendant that shows off your unique style or is based on religious views, our iced out line is a great place to start. The JAXXON Micro Cross Studded Pendant is the piece to add to your everyday look and can be paired with one of your favorite chains to take it to the next level. If you're searching for something a bit more classic, our Iced-Out Skyline Pendant features an elegant design of simulant diamonds sure to catch everyone's eye. Pair it with your favorite gold chain, from the classic Cuban chain to the rope chain.

The Iced Out Tennis Chain Bracelet

An iced out tennis chain bracelet is a way to express yourself boldly. Tennis bracelets for men are becoming more popular every day. They can be worn alone as the focal point of your wrist, paired with a tennis chain, or stacked with an oversized watch. Our tennis chain bracelets serve classic luxury with stunning simulated diamonds, with gold and silver options for every occasion.

The Single Stud Tungsten Ring

Complete your iced out look by pairing your favorite necklace stack with an iced out ring. A subtle yet classy way to get noticed, our Single Stud Tungsten Ring flaunts a small simulant diamond arranged in a centered channel for a simple yet striking design. Just be sure to learn the best way to store jewelry, so you can rock these stunning pieces longer. 

The JAXXON Iced Out Collection

Searching for more iced out jewelry? Shop our wide range of iced out pieces to find the perfect bracelet, ring, chain necklace, and pendant necklace for your collection.

With the suggestions and style tips from JAXXON, you'll never be short on fashionable options. From our selection of necklaces, you can find the perfect piece to add to your personal collection and elevate any look. Whether for work, play, or everyday wear, you'll always have something stylish and unique to wear.