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The Best Custom Pendants We’ve Seen in 2022


When you first lay eyes on a custom pendant, you immediately know it’s not your typical piece.

Even to the untrained eye, people can tell when jewelry has been custom-made. They know that the craftsmanship is on another level of precision and detail.

Not all pendants are practical, of course, but if you’re a rapper or athlete with millions of dollars to spend, you might as well go big or go home!

That’s why we’re checking out the most outlandish custom pendants of 2022 so far, with an eye for the extravagant. Our list contains some names you might already expect, plus a few newcomers deserving of a shout-out.

We’ll also talk about how you can get started with pendants of your own, the qualities of a great custom pendant, and a few beginner tips to rock a pendant that fits your personal style.

These pendants are not to be missed, from the essentials to the over-the-top displays seen in hip-hop magazines and social media posts. Stay tuned, and let’s see what’s big in 2022.

What Makes a Great Custom Pendant?

We’re eager to jump into our list of the biggest, most notable chains of 2022 so far, but we think it’s worth starting from square one.

That means identifying the traits and characteristics of custom pendants that set winners apart from the rest so that we know when a pendant is truly a show-stopper or not.

Even if you don’t aren’t able to commission pendants of your own yet, these guidelines are universal and will help you develop a timeless style no matter where you choose to take it.


Every great jewelry creation starts in the mind’s eye. Whether you want a simple and elegant trinity pendant design or something far more elaborate, it all begins with a clear, well-articulated concept — ambiguity is the enemy.

Shape and proportions are just part of the equation here. Factors like depth, gem placement, weight, and balance with other aspects of an outfit.


What sets top-shelf jewelry apart from the rest are the materials with which it’s formed. This is why we never ignore relevant details like the gold karat of a pendant or the quality of the diamonds embedded within.

Remember that quality materials don’t have to be overpriced, either. Our unique approach to jewelry at JAXXON ensures you get top-quality accessories shipped directly, maximizing the value you get for your money.

Besides, loading a pendant up with excessive amounts of diamonds can appear tacky or impractical. Sometimes, less is more, especially if you’re venturing into the professional world.


Plenty of custom pendants start with a great concept and materials, but the final product simply doesn’t meet expectations due to poor execution.

In practice, this means taking the pendant from pen and paper to a real, three-dimensional piece with the precise attributes and dimensions required.

Execution comes down to factors like craftsmanship, production scale, time pressures, available implements, and other variables.

The Chain

A pendant can shine with the might of a thousand diamonds and be worth far more than its weight in gold. However, if it doesn’t have a fantastic chain link necklace to hold it in place on your chest, the picture just won’t look quite right.

Many larger pendants are supported by classic Cuban Links chains of gold or platinum, while smaller pendants pair well with different chain designs across the spectrum.

When imagining your perfect custom pendant or discovering your preferred style when browsing celebrities’ collections, always account for the type of chain necklace included.

Best Custom Pendants of 2022

We now know the difference between a great pendant and one that’s just “okay.” Most importantly, we learned that vision and craftsmanship end up counting for a lot, and cramming gems onto a pendant doesn’t always make for a successful piece.

With our criteria in place, let’s talk about some of the best pendants we’ve seen so far in 2022, including a few with sky-high price tags and plenty of originality.

Lamar Odom’s Kobe Tribute

It has been more than two years since the passing of one of the greatest NBA stars ever. To pay tribute to Kobe and his daughter, Laker teammate Lamar Odom commissioned a tasteful piece that shows the two forever enshrined with diamonds and an elegant design.

Joe Burrow’s Bejeweled “JB9” Pendant

The Super Bowl quarterback is only 25 years old, but he takes to the field like an NFL veteran. Not to mention, he shows up with swag to spare before each game, including a glorious pendant with his initials and number – “JB9.”

Burrow’s pendant is not oversized, nor is it too heavy or cluttered by other pieces around his neck. Its size is matched perfectly with his outfits and physical dimensions.

The sports media can’t seem to stop talking about Burrow or his style, making this a top contender for pendant of the year already.

Eli’s “Death Row Records” Birthday Pendant

In other NFL jewelry news, Eli Manning was the recent recipient of a pendant from none other than rap legend Snoop Dogg.

It might seem like an odd pair, but these two celebs have more in common than you might think in the world of media and entertainment. Snoop promised Eli a Death Row Records pendant necklace on a podcast and followed through.

The pendant appears to be 14k gold hanging from a thick rope chain, making Eli’s birthday wishes come true.

Trippie Redd’s “Uka Uka” Chain Pendant

Ever think you’d see a Crash Bandicoot villain in luxury pendant form? The crazy creative rapper Trippie Redd brought Uka Uka to life with this epic piece that only he could pull off.

Uka Uka is an evil floating voodoo mask with sharp teeth and a ferocious attitude, which is exactly the type of vibe that Trippie goes for with his aesthetic and music.

The pendant appears to feature a range of colored diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, making for a flashy and fun piece on a thick, diamond-encrusted chain.

Mulatto’s “Big Latto” Slot Machine Pendant

The female rapper from Atlanta is known as the “Queen of the South” and now has a fabulous $100k pendant to prove it.

Mulatto, AKA Big Latto, connected with a famous Atlanta jeweler to have a custom-made slot machine pendant piece, complete with all the features you’d expect.

The pendant is loaded to the max with blinding diamonds around a central slot machine shape, which includes a tiny lever on the side. Her name “Big Latto” is featured at the top, with a crown to signify her royal status.

Kid Cudi’s Million Dollar Met Gala Chain Pendant

Cudi has been in the spotlight for years and knows how to get red-carpet attention. His latest stunt at the Met Gala featured a piece from KAWS x Ben Baller said to be nearly $1 million in value.

The piece is Cudi’s signature spaceman in a suit, loaded with so many multi-colored diamonds it’s impossible to comprehend. In terms of pure cash value, this one takes the cake.

Drake’s OVO Owl Pendants from Jas Prince

Let’s not forget who discovered Drake on MySpace back in the day — Jas Prince. Now that Drake is one of the world’s greatest stars, Prince gifted him (as well as Drake’s son and father) custom owl pendants with the OVO insignia.

The piece is mind-blowing by all accounts, checking all the boxes from perfect proportions and gem placements to hand-crafted components that piece together in a harmonious assembly.

An Instagram post from the Flawless Diamond Company also revealed some behind-the-scenes footage of how these pendants were made, giving us a deeper appreciation for the huge effort required to achieve a piece of art like this.

Starting Your Pendant Collection

The pendants we’ve described so far are over the top. However, you can absolutely find sleek and stylish pendants for your own collection. 

That’s exactly what we aim for at JAXXON, delivering high-end jewelry without overcharging for hype and overhead.

Classics and Standards

When starting out, stick to the classic pendants that are most versatile and easy to wear.

This means trying out classic dog-tag-inspired pendants with solid constructions and minimal moving parts. Geometrics are always a go-to, whether you prefer hexagons, triangles, long rectangles, or circles.

Religious themes are also perfect for pendant form, so check out bold crosses or stars that fit your faith.

Time to Go Custom?

We suggest everyone starts with pendants from trusted vendors before commissioning pieces of their own. Expect to pay a lot for a custom piece and risk not getting exactly what you want.

It will also take some time to develop your personal pendant style, so there’s no rush. 

Assemble your pendant collection, try out different shapes and sizes, and discover what makes you look and feel your best. Individuality is the priority, - not chasing trends.

Our best-selling Jaxxon chains and pendants are a great starting point, free from the price hikes and markups that are too common in the jewelry industry.

Level-Up Your Pendant Game Today

Men’s pendants are a pillar of the jewelry experience that everyone should master at some point.

We can all admire the finest, priciest pendants in the world, but in the meantime, also enjoy the everyday pendant classics that take our style to new heights. We suggest everyone starts with pendants from trusted vendors before commissioning pieces of their own. Expect to pay a lot for a custom piece and risk not getting exactly what you want.


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