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Most Expensive Chains Spotted in Public in 2022


High fashion and streetwear may seem diametrically opposed, but that is an illusion. These two movements have merged to create a market for the go-getters, ambitious individuals, and entrepreneurial sorts who only accept the best.

There’s one part of high fashion and streetwear culture that demands attention—discussing the most expensive jewelry to grace locations, from concert halls to underground runways.

Musicians, athletes, and fashion icons have been pushing the envelope on luxurious drip for decades now, but the whole scene has reached new heights in the past few years.

Watches, bracelets, and rings are wardrobe essentials, but we can’t help but be drawn to custom chain necklaces commissioned by leading cultural icons. These chains are bigger, better, more intricate, and way more expensive than before.

These topics are trending at the water cooler and social media, so it’s time to make sure we are all up to date on the current trends in chains and who is repping the priciest ones. 

Today, we’re only looking at the best of the best, pinpointing what makes these custom pieces so costly, and perusing examples of chains worth more than mansions.

You don’t need to drop tens of thousands of dollars for a similar effect. We’ll reveal how you can build a beautiful collection of premium jewelry and look great while doing it.

Let’s get started.

What Makes Chains So Expensive?

Celebrity culture has made us so preoccupied with comparing price tags that we’ve forgotten a great deal of the artistry and value that make jewelry so unique and sought-after.

Before we get into the costliest chains on the scene right now, let’s go back to basics and determine why these pieces fetch such high prices and what makes great jewelry truly valuable.  


The bulk of the cost for a piece of jewelry is attributed to raw materials. While jewelry can be crafted from nearly any material, synthetic or organic, we typically think of precious metals and alloys like 14k yellow gold and 925 sterling silver when assessing jewelry.

These base metals alone can make up a significant portion of the price for a high-volume chain necklace without extra adornments. However, the addition of precious gems and diamonds can increase the cost of a piece by orders of magnitude. Gems and diamonds of the highest quality often become heirloom items and are passed from generation to generation. 


Even with the most advanced techniques and modern machinery available, jewelry makers need a high degree of talent and applied skill to create a chain necklace suitable for LeBron or any Fortune 500 CEO.

The tools of the trade can only take you so far when it comes to forming links and centerpieces, especially in the final stages of sanding, polishing, and finishing an item.

Dozens of hours—sometimes hundreds—of labor go into the creation of the world’s most impressive chains, so it’s no surprise that the price is heavily multiplied beyond the value of the base materials. When every product is hand-inspected and receive a fine brush finish, the price reflects the dedication.

Not only that, but ethical production can add to the price tag. When the artisans earn a wage that acknowledges their decades of experience and prestige, the prices of the products will increase.


While a chain necklace has the power to dazzle, custom-made pendants can be the real show-stoppers in the world of elite style.

The most stunning pendants in the world look like they should be behind a glass case in a museum. Instead, they’re on full display and out in the open as pieces of art to be worn, appreciated, and enjoyed.

Pendants are sometimes even costlier than the chains themselves, especially if they feature intricate designs and personalized features requested by the patron.

But while most of the attention these days is given to the pendant, don’t forget about the high degree of skill and effort that goes into the chains, as well.

The Hype Factor

The power of hype is undeniable in the fashion world at large and seems to be even more amplified in regard to streetwear, high fashion, and hip hop landscape.

On the surface, hype appears to be about social media likes and street clout, but when applied in practical terms in the jewelry game, it comes down to dollars and cents.

Simply put, if a designer has a reputation for excellence and shows a proven track record of satisfied celebs, they can charge way more for the next piece commissioned and remain in the spotlight long term.

Most Expensive Chains of 2022

Let’s get into our list of the most mind-blowing custom chain necklaces out there right now from the world’s most expensive jewelry collections.

Jay-Z’s Gigantic Cuban Links

As the first hip-hop billionaire, Jay-Z deserves nothing less than the biggest and best jewelry available.

The rapper and business tycoon is known for his luxury watch collection but has also made recent stage appearances with a substantial Cuban Link prong chain that can nearly be seen from space.

The 11 pound, $200k piece pays homage to the old-school “dookie ropes” worn by MCs from the 80s and 90s.

Drake’s OVO Owl

The Canadian superstar has a soft spot for owls, and they represent his unique hip-hop fashion and music empire OVO. Drake has had multiple owl chain pendants commissioned through the years, and his latest creation with moving wings is estimated to have cost over a quarter million.

Lil Jon’s “Crunk Ain’t Dead”

It takes a true icon to remain relevant in the hip hop game, and as the inventor of crunk, Lil Jon deserves his place in the hall of fame.

His diamond-studded pendant proclaiming “crunk ain’t dead” is affixed to a mammoth rope chain with multicolored gems and expert attention to detail. Half a million is the estimated cost of this masterpiece.

Takeoff’s Solar System

How could a chain cost more than $500k? One glance at Takeoff’s epic solar system chain necklace, and you’ll see how it’s possible.

This piece deserves a museum exhibit of its own, featuring the nine planets of the solar system in fully iced-out glory on a massive mariner chain. With a NASA space shuttle featured in the center, the Migos rapper acknowledges his ability to achieve the most difficult feats.

Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl” Necklace

Megan is known for her bold attitude and needed a piece to match. She commissioned this signature chain with her famous nickname for the notable price of $425k.

Gucci Mane’s Twin Panthers

How many rappers actually design their own chain necklaces and execute the vision to perfection? Only Gucci Mane is capable of such mastery, as seen with his powerful twin panther necklace that holds more than 4,500 diamonds.

With that many gems packed onto one piece, there’s no doubt that Gucci spent some stacks to make his dream come true; $500k is the low-end estimate for this chain.

Chains and Pendants That Hit the Mark

Jewelry can cost as much as you’re willing to spend. One of the reasons for this most is the presence of a middle man in the selling process. That’s why at JAXXON, we sell directly to the buyer. Without the middleman, the best jewelry is more accessible than ever. 

Here are a few of our favorite picks from the best-seller list right now for the discerning shopper:

Cuban Links Done Right

A classic Cuban Link necklace never looks out of place. Thin or thick, gold or silver, this is the one chain that everyone needs in their collection.

Figaro Chains

For those who like more intricate details to their chains, the Figaro chain is a first-round pick. Alternating links long and short tells the world that you do things differently and forge your own path forward.

High Fashion Essentials 

Rope chains, box chains, franco chains, these are all staples in the adventurous lifestyle that also carries over into more professional and formal territory. There’s a reason these sell out year after year.

Pendants To Complete the Look

These chains look phenomenal with or without a pendant, but why not add that extra adornment for good measure? Our most popular pendants match our chains' materials and quality craftsmanship and perfectly complement any modern wardrobe.

Taste and Style in a Snap

Don’t get us wrong: We love to observe and admire the most outrageous chains worn by our favorite celebs. Their ambition and success can be inspiring and drive us to achieve more.

But as we’ve seen so many times, true self-confidence can’t be purchased in the form of a custom chain or pendant, even if it has a million-dollar price tag.

In other words, the person with authenticity and taste will always look and feel better than the person flashing the cash to make up for something they may lack. At the end (and the beginning) of the day, we know that style is eternal, and only you can find it for yourself.


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