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What is a Curb Chain?


Chain necklaces are one of the easiest accessories to wear and can take your fit from plain to put together. While chains have never gone out of fashion, certain styles have become more trendy, while other classic styles have remained timeless and are getting their deserved recognition. 

With the large selection of different types of chain links and variations on those styles on the market, it can be confusing to remember the names of them all, let alone how to identify them. 

Curb Chain

Let’s start with the basic design of the curb chain. A curb chain is composed of round or oval interlocking links that are twisted so that they lie flat. As a result, the chain reflects more light than traditional cable chains. Curb chains are also typically thicker than other chains to show off the flat links. 

The origin of the term “curb” comes from a flat piece of rope or leather that lays against the chin of a horse’s bridle. It’s also known as a gourmette in France and grumetta in Italy. This chain that lies flush against the neck or chest has become an increasingly popular accessory for men and women.

Cuban Link Chain

If you’re still trying to figure out how the curb chain looks so familiar, let us point you to the cuban link chain. There are many similarities between the two chains. Instead of flat spaced out links, the Cuban chain has thicker and more tightly packed metal links. The Cuban chain will also be a bit heavier than the curb chain, making for a more solid and less flexible accessory.

Like Cuban link and curb chain, the Figaro chain has a similar style: flatter like the curb and thicker links like the Cuban. We like the mix of both and gave our Figaro chain a twist on the classic design by adding an additional like to space them apart.

Styling Your Curb Chain

Jewelry lovers know that some pieces are saved for special occasions, while others are better suited for everyday wear. The beauty of a curb chain is that you get the best of both worlds!

With a curb chain in your collection, you always have an elegant, stylish chain necklace to wear for any occasion.

Need something to take your back-to-the-office outfit to the next level? The curb chain is bold without being flashy.

Not sure what to wear on a night out or date night? The curb chain will add the perfect amount of glamour to your outfit and is guaranteed to turn some heads.

Once you realize how versatile a curb chain can be, you’ll wonder why it took so long to get one! Gold, silver, rose gold—any color works, and your friends will definitely want to have a curb chain in their jewelry collection before long.

Materials Matter

Speaking of color, we ought to mention materials when talking about curb chains and other types of necklaces. As you know, jewelry is more than just about the surface-level looks.

Your chain’s materials and construction are almost equally important since they determine your items’ strength, longevity, and long-term value.

With that said, you should expect a certain standard of quality when shopping for curb chains. Instead of going for a gold-plated piece, opt for gold vermeil or a thick gold-bonded chain to ensure you get the best materials available. Be sure to check out the differences between gold plate vs gold bonded jewelry, so you’ll know which one fits your taste and lifestyle best. 

If quality silver is more your vibe, make sure you accept nothing less than the best 925 sterling silver on the market. It’s stronger, looks better, and maintains its shine for the long run.

Curb or Cuban: What’s Better?

These classic styles have made their mark in the gold jewelry space for a reason. These versatile and sophisticated men’s chains can be worn for any occasion. Our best-selling men’s chain is the 5mm Cuban Link Chain in 14k gold and 925 sterling silver. This chain has superior weight and shine and is an effortless accessory for everyday wear. Our women’s 8mm curb chain is a wider and more elegant choice in comparison. Is one better than the other? That’s for you to decide.

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