Picture of 9 Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Your Girlfriend

9 Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for Your Girlfriend


Forget red roses—Valentine's Day is the perfect time to surprise your girlfriend with new jewelry, and it’ll last much longer than a bouquet. With so many stylish options out there, you can turn our jewelry pieces into a personalized gift made to match your girlfriend’s preferences—whether it’s something a little flashy or a piece that speaks sophistication.

To help you find the perfect romantic gift for your special someone, we’ve curated our best women’s jewelry recommendations according to her style.

#1 For the Sophisticated Girlfriend: Herringbone Chain

A type of necklace that’s effortlessly elegant, the liquid gold look of the Herringbone Chain - 3mm will fit right in with her elevated wardrobe. 

The smooth, flat Herringbone Chain moves subtly while lying across her collarbone, a perfect way to add some interest to any outfit. This necklace is so versatile, she can wear it with anything—and she can complement it with:

  • Linked chains
  • Herringbone bracelets
  • Cuban link bracelets

#2 For the Spotlight-loving Girlfriend: Figaro Chain

The stunning pattern and generous size of the Figaro Chain - 6mm will add some drama to her fit without being too over the top.

With an exclusive, extended chain length design, this necklace stands out from other chain styles with unique, subtly flashy flair. It creates the perfect balance of size, shape, and style that can be dressed up or down. 

#3 For the Modern Minimalist Girlfriend: Modern Paperclip Chain

A paperclip chain with a twist, the Paperclip Chain - 5mm offers delicate sophistication. This great gift idea will add a subtle golden sheen to your girlfriend’s ensemble. It’s crafted with:

  • Sterling silver
  • 14K gold bonding (if you’re wondering about the differences between 10k vs 14k gold, make sure to read more about it before making your gift purchases)
  • An eye-catching combination of links and chains

If you know she adores this style, explore our article focused on dainty gold jewelry for additional elegant pieces that align with her minimalist aesthetic.

#4 For the Fashion-forward Girlfriend: Stacked Gold Chains

With a modern mix of strong and subtle texture, the striking Rope Chain Stack is the perfect Valentine’s gift for your trend-setting girlfriend. Stacking jewelry is on trend right now, and giving her an instant stacked necklace look will keep her current alongside her 90s revival ensembles.

#5 For the Girlfriend Who Has Everything: Cuban Link + Paperclip Chains

Another stylish and modern unique gift option, the Cuban Link + Paperclip Chain Stack features two gorgeous gold chains in contrasting styles that complement each other perfectly. Whether she prefers to wear them together or picks and chooses based on her mood, she’ll love the ability to double her look and her styling options.

#6 For the Style Maven Girlfriend: Rope Chain Bracelet

A glistening bracelet that will catch the eye with every subtle movement, the Rope Chain Bracelet - 4mm is the perfect accessory to brighten up all her straight-off-the-runway styles.

This unique gift’s adjustable size allows for a tight or loose fit, and the intricate, hypnotic chain link detail encircling her wrist adds extra shine to her look.

#7 For the Girlfriend Who Loves to Match: Cuban Necklace & Bracelet Set

Can’t decide between a bracelet or a necklace? Give her both with the stunning Cuban Essentials Set - 3mm. This love bundle includes a perfectly sized gold Cuban chain necklace and bracelet that can be worn together or apart, and she’ll appreciate the subtle elegance of the 3mm chain for both everyday and special occasion wear.

#8 For the Bold + Beautiful Girlfriend: Curb Chain

A stunner of a statement piece, you won’t be able to miss the impact of this bold Curb Chain. The thick flat lay Cuban chain is the epitome of radiant luxury, and she’ll want to wear it everywhere and with everything in her wardrobe. The glistening gold chain is a great gift that will add bold bling to her favorite looks, including:

  • Turtle necks
  • Little black dresses
  • Casual tees

#9 For the Girlfriend Who Prefers Silver: Silver Rope Chain Necklace

Just because your girlfriend isn’t a huge fan of gold doesn’t mean you can’t give her Valentine’s Day jewelry. The high quality and stunning style of silver jewelry make it an excellent choice for a thoughtful gift she’ll wear often.

Gold isn’t the only thing that glimmers—the many-faceted cuts of a Silver Rope Chain - 2mm will reflect enough light to accent all her favorite outfits. 

Why Jewelry's a Valentine's Day Staple

Gifting jewelry isn’t exactly a new idea—since at least the ages of ancient Greeks and Romans, we’ve been presenting jewelry to our significant others to show we care with quality pieces that last. That doesn’t mean this gift isn’t a timeless option. But when it comes to the styles you choose for this years Valentine’s Day gift, you want your choices to feel a little more “present-day”, which is exactly what you can find out of our new arrivals.

These days, your girlfriend might prefer timeless classics that go with everything from mom jeans and boots to evening wear and heels, but the sentiment remains the same. To ensure that these precious gifts retain their charm for years to come, we invite you to read our guide on how to keep jewelry from tarnishing, offering expert tips on maintaining the pristine condition of your thoughtful gifts. 

Gifting your partner jewelry crafted with luxury metals that last a lifetime is an excellent way to show her how much you value her, her love, and your relationship. She’ll cherish the thought you put into selecting the finest Valentine’s Day gift that emphasizes her beauty and highlights her style. If you're still seeking more inspiration, our other guide on jewelry gifts for her offers additional ideas to make this gifting season truly unforgettable. 

Give her Valentine's jewelry as beautiful as she is with JAXXON

Red roses and edible arrangements are certainly romantic gift ideas in the moment—but just like the timeless quality of a jewelry gift, you want to give your special someone a keepsake that will last. This Valentine’s Day, show your girlfriend where your heart is with the best gift of fine-crafted, luxury jewelry that will stand the test of time.

At JAXXON , we only use the highest quality precious metals to create timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. We make finding Valentine's Day gifts for your girlfriend easy, so you have more free time to spend together.