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What Does A Pinky Ring Mean On A Man? Origin & Symbolism


Men are wearing rings with style and confidence these days, and we’re thrilled to see the trend take hold worldwide.

Styles are escalating and expanding from the standard, minimal wedding band on the ring finger. More men are wearing rings on different fingers and enjoying new fashion trends like never before.

This has left a lot of men with many questions about what rings are appropriate to wear in certain settings and what these various rings mean in terms of symbolism.

The pinky ring is one of the most mysterious of the lot, and it’s worth a deep dive into the origins of this style.

Wearing a ring on your pinky is undoubtedly cool, but what does it mean? Let’s find out the details of its meaning and how to pick the best pinky ring for your needs.

Historical Meanings

We have to turn the clock back a few hundred years to learn about the origins of the pinky ring and the significance it held for men of their time.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that only men of a certain class would wear any rings at all during pre-modern times.

You can imagine that only kings, pharaohs, and other elites would have the wealth and access to wear any sort of ring. Their days were filled with leisure, unlike the other 99% of society that earned their living through hard, physical labor. 

While women of all classes have worn rings throughout history, only the top-tier men had the status and panache to wear rings of any type – especially one on the pinky.

As we advance the clock forward, pinky rings took on some more pointed significance, in addition to the general appeal of wealth and importance.

Around the time of the enlightenment, pinky rings were actually quite popular among a growing contingent of middle-class merchants, artisans, and tradesmen. With a bit more disposable income and status in their cities, men from different backgrounds could afford finer jewelry and wear it with pride.

By the time wedding rings became normalized across society, men had started to wear pinky rings in addition to their bands. Alternatively, in Victorian times, men and women would wear a pinky ring to indicate that they were not interested in marriage – careful what you wish for!

Modern Styles and Significance

When the 20th century rolled around, we saw widespread social liberation across the western world. Norms were changing, the middle class was in full swing, and men were starting to wear all types of funky styles – pinky rings included.

Picture a Jazz Age party in Paris or a Prohibition Era Speakeasy in Chicago. Pinky rings were seen left and right, a true expression of freedom and independence.

The pinky ring still maintained a reputation among the elites in the 20th century, with prominent leaders like Prince Charles and Franklin Roosevelt showing them off. Even the great Winston Churchill sported a pinky ring during the peak of WWII.

These days, wearing a pinky ring is less about making a particular statement and more about expressing yourself the way you want. Just as you would wear a bold Cuban link chain or a sleek cuff bracelet, you can rock a pinky ring any time, any place, and enjoy the compliments.

Proceed with Caution

Before you start walking around town with your pinky ring shining in the sun, keep in mind that some people might get the wrong impression, especially in more conservative settings.

Some circles still associate pinky rings with mafia activity or alternative lifestyles. It’s not something that should concern you too much, and you likely won’t run into any trouble if you move carefully, but it’s still worth keeping in mind if you want to cover all your bases.

Your best bet is to collect a wide range of different rings that you can wear on multiple fingers and be perfectly dressed for any situation, no matter what comes up.

Pick the Perfect Pinky Ring

When you’ve built up your confidence and are ready to rock a pinky ring in public, you’ve first got to choose the perfect ring.

Here are some features to look for when making your selection and building up your collection.

Style and Shape

The first choice you need to make is the style of your ring. A classic thick band is an excellent pick for the pinky since it has a bit more bulk and won’t be mistaken for a wedding band.

Find a ring that suits your style in either silver or gold, and maybe opt for a precious gem like a sapphire or ruby for some extra flair.

Sometimes a ring doesn’t need a lot of flash to be effective, of course. Rings with tapered edges offer a modern twist, while ridged rings have small slits that catch the light and create a next-level shine.

Fair Pricing and Service

Style is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to rings - be sure to find your ideal size and work with a vendor that accepts returns and exchanges until you get the pinky ring of your dreams. Once you know your sizes for each finger, it’s smooth sailing.

You should also shop around for the best prices and deals on pinky rings online and in person. The vendor you choose can make or break the entire experience. Find one that offers premium materials and has a reputation for stellar customer service.


Whether you’re a longtime pinky ring enthusiast or you’re just trying out this style for the first time, there’s always something new to learn!

Wear your pinky rings with confidence and keep expanding your collection with quality, authentic gold and silver pieces that will last a lifetime.


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