Picture of Musician Travis Mills Joins the JAXXON Family

Musician Travis Mills Joins the JAXXON Family


JAXXON is taking their men's fashion line to the next level with the addition of its latest team member, musician Travis Mills. Through both his music and his style, Travis has always put artistry at the forefront of everything he does and embodies a passion for quality that perfectly reflects the JAXXON brand. His charisma and aesthetic versatility make him a great fit, as it allows him to showcase jewelry pieces for any occasion.

Not only is JAXXON jewelry handcrafted with top-quality materials and attention to detail, but now featuring influence from Mills' music, customers will be able to make personal connections with the jewelry and find those special pieces that speak right to them. With Travis onboard, JAXXON jewelry is sure to become synonymous with innovation and men’s fashion excellence.

“Nothing says style or entertainment like MTV and Apple, and we are blown away that Travis has a reality show on both,” remarked Bear D’Egidio, CMO of JAXXON. “Travis was instrumental in the early stages of JAXXON’s development, and we have every intention of continuing to partner together for years to come”.

Modern music pairs perfectly with modern fashion, that’s why Travis Mills rocks his Cuban Link Chain from JAXXON.