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5 Most Popular Men’s Earring Styles


Men’s jewelry is finding its place center stage in fashion right now, and earrings are the tiny pieces that can take your fit to the next level with a focus on your face. If you don’t have your ears pierced yet, read more about the different earring styles for menand what to expect in our article. We know that men’s earrings guy ear piercings might be a new accessory for many guys, but there are a few styles you must have in your jewelry collection.

From classic and simple to bold and iced-out, earrings are an easy accessory to add some flair to your style and complete your look. Because earrings tend to be a little easier on the wallet, giving you the opportunity to wear some trendier or novelty options in addition to your tried and true classics.

Listen up—we’re about to show you five different earring styles for men that are popular and fashionable right now.

1. Classic Studs

Let’s talk about a studly style.

Round cut, emerald cut, baguettes—these different diamond stud shapes offer options for styling. Some stud earring shapes might be up to personal preference or what’s trending, but a diamond stud earring might work better than others for your ear lobe size or face shape. 

Round-cut studs are undoubtedly the most popular earring style because they’re perfect for every day. These may come in many different carat sizes, but the best stone size is around 0.6 carats, like our gold studs. Diamond earrings will stand out on their own or are perfect if you have more than one lobe piercing and want to stack them. 

2. Simple Hoops

Single or stacked, the simple hoop earring is a sleek choice for decorating your ears. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing gold earrings or silver; a small hoop earring or two can help you pull off that rockstar look.

If you’re looking for some slightly thicker hoops that will give you an elevated look, our Classic Hoop Earrings are what you need. At 4.3mm, these show off the shiny gold finish without being too heavy. If you need help comparing the size against your face shape, these men’s hoops are close in size to our #1 men’s chain, the 5mm Cuban Link Chain. And if you like the Cuban link design, the matching Cuban Link Earrings are *chef’s kiss*. We take any chance we can to complete our look with matching jewelry.

3. Icy Hoops

If simplicity isn’t your thing, some iced-out hoops may be for you. Many of our classic hoops or diamond earring type mentioned above are available in some icy options. Our Studded Inset Hoop Earrings are perfect for a fancy night out, but if you like to wear a little more bling during the day, the simplicity of the hoops can create the elevated look you’re going for. Another elegant and unexpected alternative to iced-out hoops is the Pearl Hoop Earrings. These hoops combine the subtle style of gold earrings or a silver hoop with a small pearl gemstone that gently sways as you move.    

4. Huggies

Diamond earring hoops, but more cuddly? Huggie earrings are another name for a hoop earring type that sits closer to the ear lobe. The huggie earring is a popular earring type that has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last year and can be seen on celebrities and influencers. Our pair of studded huggie earrings are easy to wear, comfortable, and dripping with lab-simulated diamonds. The right huggie earring on a pierced ear can class up any look.

5. Crosses

Whether your decision to wear cross fashion jewelry is faith-based or personal style, cross earrings are a popular and fashionable choice of earrings. The most popular choice for this style would be our Cross Stud Earrings that flaunt 12 perfectly handset CZ stones and our light enough to wear all day, every day. Mix up a few styles with our Hanging Studded Cross Earrings. These iced-out hoops with a hanging cross combine the best of both worlds. If you want to mix things up, wear a single Hanging Cross Stud Earring on one ear with a classic stud on the other. 

Classic Stud Earrings - Gold - Image 1/2
Classic Stud Earrings - Gold - Image 2/2
Classic Stud Earrings - Gold#1 Men's Stud Earrings

Ask an Expert

If you need more styling tips to pick the perfect men's earring style, whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone special, ask one of our fashion jewelry experts. We can also help you learn how to clean your earrings and let you know how long ear piercings take to heal. JAXXON prides itself on quality in our materials, designs, and our team. Our Men’s Earring Collection shows that high-quality jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank, allowing you to experiment with your style and expand your jewelry collection. From our stud earrings to hoop earrings, explore and find your personal style now.

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