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Broken Heart Chain: Cute Gift? Yes or No?


Nobody wants a broken heart — unless the symbol is captured in a cool and stylish piece of jewelry. The heart is a universal motif in the jewelry world; it makes sense that broken hearts are popular, even if the meaning is darker.

With the level of creativity on the jewelry scene these days, it’s not surprising to see broken hearts appear in various forms. Some pieces are styled after antiques, while others aim for moremodern and street-inspired looks.

Today, we’re exploring all the different types of broken heart chain jewelry available and offering our perspective on some compelling styles. But more importantly, we’ll be answering a big question related to this category of jewelry: Is it an appropriate gift, and why or why not?

After all, you don’t want to give someone a broken heart chain and send the wrong message, especially if it’s someone you respect and appreciate. There is a way to give a broken heart chain as a gift, and we’ll tell you how to do it right.

At last, we’ll offer some alternatives to a broken heart chain that might be more fitting for the situation. This way, you’ll give a memorable gift without pushing the wrong buttons or leaving the wrong impression.

Let’s begin our exploration into the world of broken heart jewelry to give you helpful insights that can’t be found elsewhere.

Why Do People Wear Broken Heart Jewelry?

We all have a unique idea of what a broken heart really means and why someone might wear jewelry representing this symbol.

But like all things in life, there are always multiple interpretations and ways to look at a single concept. Here are three reasons why someone might wear a broken heart in a physical representation like a pendant or charm.

Personal Meaning

Right off the bat, we tend to associate broken hearts with a negative experience or emotion, usually resulting from some type of romantic loss or disappointment.

The first image that represents the contemporary heart symbol we recognize today dates back to a Roman coin dating back to 510-490 BC. In this context, what we would recognize as a heart is actually the outline of the silphium plant seed, regarded for its contraceptive use.   

If love doesn’t work out the way you expect, perhaps through betrayal or deception, a broken heart says more than words can manage.

Heartbreak doesn’t need to be romantically connected, of course. A broken heart may represent the loss of a loved one or simply the end of a chapter with a friendship or an experience in time and place.

Fashion Choice

If you know anything about streetwear and modern hip hop culture, you’ll know that today’s artists are not shy about sharing their emotions in their art. That goes for music, fashion, and just their general demeanor. The “emo/goth” trend is back, and it’s more widespread than ever.

Therefore, broken hearts are a highly relevant motif right now, not just in jewelry but in all aspects of today’s culture. They pop up in visual art, stickers, album covers, music videos, tattoos, and more. Broken hearts are all over the place; you can’t miss them.

These hearts don’t necessarily have a deeper meaning but rather play a part in creating a powerful and popular aesthetic at the moment.

Just for Fun

In our culture, everything is over the top.

We communicate in an exaggerated fashion to get our points across and express ourselves to the fullest. While this might depart from old-fashioned behaviors, we think it’s more fun and authentic to be true to yourself.

A broken heart doesn’t have to communicate heartbreak – it can mean you are free and detached from a relationship or simply not in the mood to meet the expectations of others.

Types of Broken Heart Chain Jewelry

Nothing should hold you back from wearing broken heart jewelry if you want. The only issue you might encounter is what type of jewelry to buy when picking between all the great options in today’s market.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular styles of broken heart jewelry to narrow down your search and find the piece that suits you best.

Minimal Broken Heart Pendant

You can’t go wrong with a slim, one-dimension broken heart piece that features a modern, minimal style. These pieces drop all the complicated stuff and leave the core components intact — the message is loud and clear.

Besides, minimal jewelry often makes the base materials look fantastic with a highly polished exterior. Yellow or rose gold looks great with these pendants, and so does 925 sterling silver.

Iced-Out Broken Heart Pendant

If you’ve got a broken heart but plenty of money in the bank, this is the pick for you. Iced-out jewelry is all the rage in the hip-hop scene, which has ushered in a new generation of self-reflective rap.

When hip-hop and emo meet in the 2020s, you get something like this – a broken heart chain pendant packed with hundreds of blazing-bright diamonds that makes a powerful statement.

Avant-Garde Broken Heart Pendant

We usually imagine a broken heart with a predictable jagged split right down the middle, but this symbol can be as unique and varied as love itself. After taking form in Ancient Rome, the heart has been featured in famous art like in “Four Hearts” by Andy Warhol to Frida Khalo’s more realistic representation in “The Two Fridas” to Bansky’s “Girl With a Balloon.”   

Jewelry makers can go any direction they please with an open-ended prompt like a broken heart pendant, and we’ve seen some fascinating creations.

For example, some pieces show the heart with organic-looking cracks, as if it will break into ten different parts. Other items show the heart's exterior torn away by claws or flames, revealing the hollow shell or hidden detail within.

Tiny Broken Heart Charms

We’re all about creative and cool pendants, but sometimes a small charm makes more sense for a symbol like a broken heart.

Maybe you just want to try the symbol on for size but aren’t ready to rock a pendant front and center. Just place a small charm on your favorite bracelet to try it out.

Split Heart (Shared with a Friend)

Sometimes, a broken heart is meant to symbolize a reunion and be a grand gesture of love or friendship. This is the idea behind the split-heart pendants that remain so popular today.

The concept is simple. The same heart is broken in two and hung from two different chains, then worn simultaneously by the two best friends or partners. When they get together after a time apart, the heart becomes one once again; all is well in the world.

Should You Give a Broken Heart Chain (As a Gift)?

Broken heart chains can look super cool, and they’re definitely in vogue right now.

However, you might be wondering if giving a broken heart jewelry item is the right move for a friend or if you should keep searching for something else.

Here’s what we think:

Read the Situation

Let’s say your best friend just went through a hard breakup, or they’re going through a tough time in life. Giving them a broken heart pendant might not help them when things are difficult.

On the other hand, gifting a pendant like this can be appropriate after the fact, when the storm has passed. Then, you can both look back and laugh.

Of course, a broken heart pendant can be a great gift if you just have a fashionista friend who likes to wear edgy, goth-inspired stuff.

Make it Personal

When giving something like a broken heart pendant, you might be expected to provide an explanation along with the gift.

As we mentioned, there are many meanings behind a broken heart, and this is your opportunity to find or create one from scratch.

If you plan to give this type of gift to someone close in your life, have some sort of explanation prepared so that you send the right message and there are no crossed signals. Better yet, give a gift with a custom engraving to make memories last a lifetime.

Broken Heart Chain Alternatives – Our Favorite Gift Items

Feeling like a broken heart chain accessory might not be the right call?

If so, we suggest keeping your gift super simple by opting for aclassic chain necklace that transcends all the hype and drama.

A sleeksilver herringbone necklace, for example, is a timeless piece that needs no explanation, and your best friend will fall in love at first sight. No broken hearts when you give a gift like this!

Broken or Not — Heart Symbols Are Forever

We’re seeing more broken heart jewelry examples than ever before, and when presented with care, these can make for great, personalized gifts.

However, if you want to skip the drama, discover the timeless jewelry from JAXXON.

We’ll deliver a classic gift without the hassle or the overhead, provide excellent customer support, andalways prioritize quality over all else.


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