Picture of Joc Pederson & JAXXON Hit It Out Of the Park

Joc Pederson & JAXXON Hit It Out Of the Park


MLB superstar Joc Pederson is living proof that baseball and fashion can successfully collaborate. Joc has been a powerhouse in the baseball world for many years, and now he is bringing his unique style to the jewelry world.

Adding Joc to the growing roster of JAXXON athletes was a decision that didn’t take much deliberation. We were immediately inspired to see an athlete working to combine their love of baseball and love of fashion into one project. Pederson is now able to share with men everywhere how quality jewelry can be an integral part of their fashion style. There's no denying that when luxury jewelry meets America's favorite pastime, something special is created.

Joc doesn’t settle for anything less than the ultimate in luxury jewelry, which is why he wears choice selections from the Pearl Essentials Set.