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Women's Herringbone Chain: Your Ultimate Style Guide


Every so often, a particular style of jewelry returns to its former glory, invigorated by interest from a new generation and a refreshing vision for design.

Once recent jewelry trend making a comeback is the herringbone chain, a style originating from Ancient Egypt and a centerpiece of funky 80s fashion culture.

While the herringbone chain had some time out of the spotlight, we’re happy to say it’s back in fine form, making its way to the mainstream in women’s fashion magazines, social media, and beyond.

Today we’re talking about what makes the herringbone chain so unique and wonderful, why you should add one to your rotation, and some style tips to make the most out of this elegant item.

Let’s begin!

Why We Love Herringbone Chains

Just one glance at a modern herringbone chain, and you’ll be entranced! If you need more convincing, here are a few reasons why herringbone chains are a current favorite of ours.

Stunning Chic Design

From an aesthetic standpoint, the herringbone chain brings something totally unique to the table. You need to get up close and personal with the design to truly grasp its unique characteristics.

The herringbone chain is best described as a pattern of flat, rectangular metal links arranged in two interlocking rows that slant at an angle to form a tight, braided look.

Our explanation can only go so far, of course – zoom in on a high-def picture of a quality herringbone chain to see for yourself how beautiful this design can be.

Why is it called herringbone, anyways? The original inspiration was the distinctive spine bone of the herring fish! That might not spark your appetite, but we can take pleasure in the intricate design brought about by the majesty of nature.

Slim and Lightweight

The look of a herringbone chain is only half of the equation. You’ve got to touch and feel the silky, smooth materials like real gold and sterling silver in your hand to get the full experience.

The herringbone chain is flat, yet surprisingly flexible, with just enough bend to sit comfortably on your wrist and maintain that amazing shape.

Besides, herringbone chains feel almost weightless on your wrist or around the neck, giving you a major style boost with minimal physical effort or distraction.

Highly Versatile

Few designs are quite so versatile as a herringbone chain, and you can get so much mileage out of a single necklace or bracelet.

These pieces work perfectly with casual outfits like athleisure and loungewear but can also be instantly elevated into a more formal setting when the time is right.

In fact, it’s harder to think of a scenario where a herringbone chain wouldn’t be appropriate! You simply can’t go wrong by wearing it 24/7, 365.

How to Wear a Herringbone Chain

If you’re intrigued by the look and feel of a herringbone chain, we urge you to add one to your collection ASAP! Here are some ways to wear herringbone and a few tips to really make it pop.


Your wrist is the perfect canvas for a smooth, shiny herringbone chain dangling slightly below the hand with just enough extra space for mobility.

We suggest wearing a herringbone bracelet with other luxurious fabrics like your favorite knit sweater, a stretchy athleisure outfit, or just a good old-fashioned cardigan for a blend of elegance and down-to-earth vibes.

You can also wear a herringbone bracelet to the office or any other workplace that doesn’t require too much physical activity. Since these pieces tend to move around on the wrist, it’s best to leave them behind for a high-octane shift or gym session.

Of course, don’t forget to showcase your herringbone bracelet with your favorite formalwear, whether you’re headed for a night on the town, a fancy dinner with friends, or an exciting first date.


If you like to show off jewelry around the neck, a herringbone necklace is a no-brainer for your next haul. 

It can be worn with almost anything, but we recommend sticking with more neutral tones and tops that are less busy – you want to put that distinctive pattern on full display!

Sure, you can wear a herringbone necklace to work or casual settings with no questions asked, but this piece really steals the show with formal outfits like dresses, button-downs, and blouses.

Just remember that the herringbone chain is meant to be worn flat, so avoid tops that are too poofy or voluminous around the neckline.

Stack, Style, and Experiment

Whether you choose to rock your herringbone around the neck or on your wrist, a great way to instantly upgrade your style is to stack these pieces with other complementary items.

Stacking bracelets and necklaces is very on-trend right now, and it’s easy to see why. 

This technique adds more depth and complexity to your outfits with minimal effort and conveys the unique design of the herringbone pattern when positioned alongside other key pieces.

As long as there is some cohesion in color and style, you can stack those chains to your heart’s content and look like the superstar you are. Try out new things and see what sticks!

Getting the Best Herringbone Chain

Now that herringbone is back in the mix, you’ll have more than enough options to choose from. Be sure to compare different products, get the relevant facts, and buy the best chain for your money.

Know Your Materials

Do you prefer gold, silver, or another material for your herringbone chain? Accept nothing less than premium materials like authentic gold-filled and sterling silver jewelry, especially for a highly detailed piece such as herringbone.

Brands You Can Trust

Learn about the brands you plan to buy from and go down the full checklist with high expectations. Customer service, warranties, returns, exchanges, and support all need to be considered, no matter what type of chain you’re buying!


We are thrilled to see the herringbone chain make its return to form. Follow our style tips and enjoy every millimeter of your stylish new bracelet or necklace.


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