Picture of Christian Men's Jewelry: JAXXON Shopping Guide

Christian Men's Jewelry: JAXXON Shopping Guide


Believers have been wearing religious jewelry for centuries. Pendant necklaces are often what comes to mind. Crosses of varying styles or the likeness of a saint in gold or silver hanging from a chain are still very much part of menswear.

You don’t have to be part of a particular church or faith to wear religious jewelry. Your spirituality is an individual journey, and it’s up to you to choose how you want to express your faith and devotion. The symbolism behind religious motifs in jewelry is also deeply rooted in art and culture. You may find religious symbols with no attachment to a particular faith. It’s all about how you identify with it and attach meaning to it. 

Whether you like to boldly show off your faith or keep it near and dear to your heart, here is a men’s style guide to shopping for Christian men’s jewelry.

Cross Necklace

A cross pendant is probably the most popular and recognizable faith-based accessory. A symbol of protection, this form of religious jewelry remains constant in fashion. A cross pendant can range in size from micro crosses to over-the-top pendants that take up your entire chest. We believe devotion and design can be united in the following cross pendant necklaces.

A classic cross is the best place to start when looking at cross styles. Strong lines and beveled edges help the shape of the cross stand out against your clothing. While this style might be a little on the contemporary side, it’s our pick for a timeless look.

Travel back in time with a more medieval-styled cross. Our Crusade Cross pays homage to Byzantine art and motifs. If you are looking to symbolize your beliefs in honor, selflessness, and loyalty, this cross pendant is for you.

The Crucifix pendant necklace is another traditional jewelry piece. Often worn in gold, this type of cross pendant can be a perfect gift for those completing their confirmation or baptism. 

If you want to look forward to the future rather than the past, a gold or silver cross necklace with modern geometric outlines is your go-to. This modern cross pendant will fit your style if you’re all about clean lines, monochromatic fits, and the newest trends. You can even add another chain. We’ll show you how to layer necklaces for a layered look. 

Religious Jewelry

If wearing a cross isn’t the right thing for you, there are other ways to show off your style and spirituality with religious jewelry.

Is your name Michael or Noah? If you have a biblical name, you might be inspired to wear your namesake around your neck. Saints are honored by Christians and people of other religions because of their closeness to God. Patron saints exist to protect and guide certain groups of people or places, like St. Christopher, the patron saint of travelers. 

Your commitment to your faith and church can be a big part of your identity. This doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate those aspects of your spiritual life when curating your jewelry collection.

Rings & Engraving

We’ve talked about the vast choices of pendant necklaces. Pendants aren’t the only jewelry pieces to communicate your faith.

Now, if you’re a married man, your wedding ring might be your most worn piece of jewelry that symbolizes your love and commitment to your wife or partner. If you’re not married but love to wear men’s rings, get created and get your Christian ring engraved with something special. Find comfort, encouragement, and wisdom by engraving your favorite bible verse inside a ring.

If you like the idea of engraving a bible verse or words like “faith” or “love,” consider adding these to the back of a pendant or on the clasp of a bracelet. These tiny words are just for you and hopefully hold great meaning for you each and every day. If you happen to be looking for a special engraved piece for someone else in your life, take a look at the personalized gifts for men that we offer.


There are many occasions throughout the year or in one’s life when Christian jewelry might be the perfect gift to present to someone. It’s never a bad idea to go for the classic cross necklace or a pendant of hands in prayer. Pair these with a white gold vs yellow gold chain or sterling silver necklace for a memorable Christian gift! 

If you or the one you’re shopping for already has a collection of cross necklaces and religious pendants, don’t forget about earrings. A pair of studded cross earrings or a hanging studded cross on one ear complements your other pieces and makes quite the statement: sophisticated and symbolic. 

With all these suggestions, we hope you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Spirituality and style can be intertwined as long as you know what to look for.